Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday, November 22, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Partially sunny and mild

NaNoWriMo: Don’t falter now. You’re so close. Keep working.

Back to Tapestry today. Issue #59 finishes the material that comprised the original version of the novel (that was vastly rewritten as I worked on the serial). For the next thirty or forty issues, I’m going to do three “mini-mysteries” – shorter arcs instead of a novel-length arc. I’m working on a holiday one now that will connect to both the third arc and the arc set at the Edinburgh Fringe. Then comes the New Year’s theatre story, based on a longish short story. Then I’m sending Nina to Chicago in the middle of winter for a mini-story that has a connection to the current one, and then she’ll head to Edinburgh. The Edinburgh arc will probably be novella length – a friend and I are cross-pollinating our serial characters, so there’s brainstorming to be done about aligning storylines, and I want to have Nina spend more time in St. Andrews than she did in the original draft of the story. I also want to have some fun in the Greyfriars Kirkhouse Graveyard and have her visit both The Last Drop and The Oxford Bar – two of my regular hangouts. When she returns from Edinburgh, I’ll get into the “Finding Jake” arc, which will be novel-length again, and which is already in detailed outline.

That should be just over another year’s worth of episodes.

I realized, today, that in three of the four serials, I have a character named Matthew or some variation of Matthew. In Tapestry, it’s Matt Hathaway, Nina’s next door neighbor, a medical student on whom she has a crush; in Cutthroat Charlotte, it’s Mathieu, the male prostitute; and in The Widow’s Chamber, it’s Matthew Darby, one of the most popular characters I’ve ever created. It wasn’t planned that way, and I’m not particularly enamored of the name “Matthew”. These three men just happen to all be named “Matthew”. They’re very distinct from each other.

Violet had an upset stomach this morning, so I gave her baby food to settle her tummy. She prefers to eat it from a spoon, so I tried to spoon feed her while keeping the other swarming beasts from eating more than their share (can’t give something to just one – they have an innate sense of fairness). Iris climbed up my back – ow, I was wearing a tee shirt, not a sweater – to stand on my shoulder and comment as I typed. Just what I need – cat as critic.

Wrote two issues of Tapestry so far this morning. The goal for today is to write two more, and then two issues of Widow’s Chamber, and get them all out tonight. I’d like to get two issues of Tap done tomorrow and one more of WC. I’ll be gone for three days, so I won’t have a chance to work on them again until the weekend.

Oh, yeah, and there are a bunch of errands to do and a pie to bake and packing for the trip . . .and proposals to write and columns to edit.

Like I have time to continue working in the theatre!



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