Monday, November 29, 2004

Monday, November 29, 2004
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

NaNoWriMo Daily Cheer: One more day – you’ve achieved so much and there’s just one more day!

The cats played with the Christmas ornaments all night long. There were bells ringing, and ribbon undone (yes, they know how to open the plastic bins to get at the ribbon storage). It’s enough to make you think the pixies, elves and snowmen all came to life during the night, because they’ve rearranged themselves.

Usually, the cats just play with the quilted ornaments on the bottom of the tree, and their special holiday toys that are only set out during the season. But this year, they want to explore everything. It’s very cute, and the breakables have been fastened firmly enough so that it’s unlikely they’ll come to harm. I’m glad they’re having fun.

Finished the tarot column – finally – and sent it off. Will work on Angel Hunt and Widow’s Chamber and maybe sneak in another episode of Tapestry, since I’m on a roll with it. I’d like to resolve the mini arc with Winter, and ratchet up the stakes between Nina and Tom some more to set up folding in the New Year’s short story mystery.

And I want to get to work on a couple of short stories.

Today’s a day I need time to “expand to meet need.”

Or maybe I just need some extra vitamins.

The afternoon has to be about reorganizing all the stuff that got stacked on the floor while the decorating happened yesterday. A frightening amount of filing has accumulated over the past few days, and, in all the chaos, I’ve misplaced the teaching contracts. I have to find those, sign them, enter the classes on my big calendar, and send the contracts back. Plus, I have to get started on the cards. I did get all the mail order shopping that has to be delivered done, though. Tomorrow, I have to go back to the theatre, but Wednesday I’m picking up my paint and stencils and starting to work on the painting the glassware for gifts in and around the writing.

I also have a few submissions to go over in the next few days.

So I better sign off here, and get back to work. Once I retrieve the Christmas balls that the cats are using to play soccer in the hallway.



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