Monday, November 08, 2004

Monday, November 8, 2004
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cool

NaNoWriMo Daily Cheer: You’re just like the Little Engine That Could – think you can, and you can!

Tired, tired, tired, creatively and every other way. Between yesterday and today, I wrote nine issues of Angel Hunt, revised them, and sent them off. I also did some research for Charlotte and tried not to get distracted by other projects.

Saturn went retrograde today – jeez, just what I need – to get my ass kicked about everything I haven’t resolved during the past retrogrades this year as far as life lessons go. Could the Universe please cut me a break over here? Saturn is the planet of life lessons and of long-term planning, so with it in retrograde, some of the long term plans could be stalled. Well, guess what? I’m still going to work on the business plan!

Yesterday was difficult. In spite of pushing myself writing-wise, I am very depressed about the direction this country is taking.

I received an articulate e-mail from Anonymous, who doesn’t think Bush is so bad. Finally, someone with something to say instead of a mere venomous rant! In spite of our differing points of view, the e-mail is much appreciated.

My response, Anonymous, is this: Have you read the Republican Party Platform in full and do you agree with it unconditionally? I didn’t even know the parties had published platforms until the two conventions this year, and when I read the Republican Platform, I was horrified. I hadn’t realized how far to the right and intolerant the platform was. Have you read it? Do you agree with it? Have you made any points with which you disagree very clear to your representatives? You better believe I have made it very clear to my representatives what I do and don’t agree with on the party platforms.

My other question is: Did your life and the lives of those around you improve during the past four years of the Bush administration? Are you making more money? Do you have the health care you need for yourself and your family? Do you feel safe? Do you feel optimistic about the future? Or are you, as most people I know, struggling to make it paycheck to paycheck, with more and more taken out every month at less and less return?

Those I personally know in the Blue States who voted for Bush did so for one reason: They are in the top earning percentile and they know Bush lets them keep their money. Several people admitted to me that the only reason they voted for Bush was to protect their tax bracket. And if they don’t like other bills and amendments that pass within the next four years, they will remove their money from their safe little accounts and move elsewhere. Basically, the Bush administration can’t hurt them no matter what because they have enough money to escape at any time. And that’s all that matters. They have enough saved so they don’t need social security. They can afford private health care. And they simply don’t care if anybody else goes without. They don’t see it as their problem.

The biggest threat to our rights is the new nominations for the Supreme Court. Bush has vowed to nominate justices who will interpret the law and “who agree with my views.” Direct quote from his Thursday press conference. Since he believes Roe vs. Wade should be overturned, there is no doubt he will nominate someone who will work to do so. No one I know thinks abortion is fun or good – it’s hardly something you do for a good time on a Saturday afternoon – but the government does not have the right to decide whether or not a woman can have one. It is an individual decision and in an instance, such as in a case of rape, a woman should retain that right. And I believe that overturning Roe vs. Wade is the tip of the iceberg. The talk of adding a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is appalling. Aren’t amendments supposed to reinforce rights, not forbid them?

Privatizing social security will cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose the money for which they’ve worked all their lives, and which the government promised to keep safe for their old age. They’d be better off taking it to the racetrack -- they’d get a better return.

Norquist has already gone on the record about the need to “punish” states that voted for Kerry. Evangelical leaders are publicly claming that Bush “owes” them for putting him back in the White House and they plan to collect, completely disregarding the fact that, in this country, we are supposed to keep a separation between Church and State.

I wonder how many people who voted for their party – either Republican or Democrat – actually READ the platform of the party of their choice, and realized that you don’t get to vote for one or two things you like – it’s a package deal.

We survived Nixon and had Carter to clear up the mess. We survived Reagan’s mixed bag. We survived Bush I because Clinton was there to clean up the mess. Who’s going to clean this up?

I don’t believe every person in the country who voted Red did so out of spite for New York. But I wonder how many took the time and did the research to get the whole picture, and how many just made their choices from sound bytes?

Unless the Republicans stop the arrogance they’ve displayed this past week and actually sit down and roll up their sleeves and get to work with the Democrats and Independents (who do, actually, exist) to solve the problems we are currently facing, we’re going to have a hellish four years. And the Democrats can’t sulk either – they need to get going as well.

I hope I’m wrong and you are correct, Anonymous. But what I’ve seen in the past few days since the election has not assuaged my concerns.

I appreciate the points you brought up, and I want to know more specifics from your viewpoint.



At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just breathe Devon. Everything will be okay.


At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, there are too many one-issue voters in this country. I wish I could've voted. Maybe I'll be eligible for citizenship before the 2008 elections. For now, my only consolation is that I'm in Illinois.

By the way, have you discovered Adam Felber's blog? (



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