Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Nov. 16 Part II

The first draft of the fight scene sucks. I’m not talking about fixing it with some minor edits and tweaking. I’m talking it falls into every rotten girl fight cliché and is laughably bad.

I’m not tossing it – I’m saving it to share with my writing workshops about how NOT to do something.

But I am starting over again as far as what I’ll submit to the editor.

Sometimes things just don’t work. So you break it down and start over.

Will try to restart it before running for the train.

Gosh darn it.



At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're writing the fight scene with disdain because you would never fight over a man. Neither would I.

Women usually don't outright fight but rather they are more covert, underhanded, and sneaky. If the fight scene isn't working for you it may be because "cat-fighting" is not how your characters would resolve the issue. Just a thought.



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