Saturday, November 20, 2004

Nov. 20 Part II

So much for getting anything done on Charlotte. The show called with an emergency and wanted me to come in for the matinee – only I’m booked at another show and I told them this weeks ago. It’s even on the calendar – my name in today’s slot with “N/A”. But they’re mad at me anyway.

And I need to get over feeling guilty because I couldn’t drop everything and come in. I’m a swing because I don’t want to work eight shows/week with all the writing commitments going on. I’m not on retainer, and I told them this conflict weeks ago. It’s not my fault that they keep hiring swings who aren’t reliable or who can’t physically do the track.

I’ve more than fulfilled my commitment to them, but it’s never enough.

And I need to adjust my own response. I’m doing as much as I can do, which is more than I said I would do, and I’m not on call.

Amazing how you can get them out of a jam 15 times in a row, but the one time you don’t is the only one they remember.

Can’t concentrate on Charlotte. I have three job applications to get out this weekend, for three different, high-paying writing gigs. Maybe I can get some work done on them in the 40 minutes before I catch the train.

Oh, great, now they’ve turned on the leaf blowers. It’s not like they even use it on the leaves. Now that there are leaves, they walk around the leaves and just make noise passing the blowers on the clean pavement.

Not even noon and I’m ready for a cocktail.

At least three of my five horse racing picks at the Big A came in yesterday.



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