Thursday, November 18, 2004

November 18 Part II

Added two blogs to my links – please check them out when you have a chance. They’re excellent:

Ramblings of a Suburban Soccer Mom


Daisy in the Snow

The Blogwise link is still there, but, for some reason, the Blogarama link has disappeared – although it’s listed on my template. I do not understand.

Enough research on the flora of the Bahamas to squeak by for now. Will buy those travel books tomorrow when I get to the city.

The more I think about it, the more I think a weekend research trip to the Bahamas is in order at some point this winter.

Wrote three more issues of Charlotte, edited/revised five and sent them off. Still not done with the fight episode. Taking a breather and then tackling a few more episodes. Six more episodes of Charlotte to get done by Sunday (not counting fight episode).

And, still eleven episodes of Widow’s Chamber. That has to get some attention today or I will be woefully behind on it.

Interesting research on Iceland. The necessity of this research will be revealed . . .after the first of the year.

My contracts arrived for the spring courses in Valhalla. I looked at the payments and realized it’s a living wage. I don’t know why that’s a surprise, but it’s also a relief.

Must replenish and then attack the high seas again, before heading for the Mississippi River.



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