Sunday, November 21, 2004

November 21 Part II

Seven issues of Charlotte, written revised, and sent. I’m finally caught up, including the required nine issues ahead. I’m fine until my next Charlotte week, the week of December 13.

I threw out the fight scene and rewrote it completely. I used a lot of Spanish insults (a writer friend directed me to – while I was there I ran off the French insults as well – I’m sure they will come in handy.

I decided that the fight scene between Anne and Maria would be a chance to show how the experience Anne obtained fighting with men like a man came in useful. It changed the whole dynamic of the fight and lifted it out of cliché. And how the fight was the reason she saw past Chidley Bayard’s money to what he really was.

I’m unhappy with the issue where Sebastian Alarico attempts to ambush Woodes, but it doesn’t turn out the way he expected. It does set the stage for the antagonism that will grow between Sebastian and Charlotte over the years.

Part of me worries that it doesn’t make sense to have all these men sniffing around Charlotte, but, within the context of place and time, and with women traded as a commodity the way they were, it makes sense. And it shows the appeal of piracy to so many women – I’m surprised at how many female pirates flourished and how many of them could read and write.

The party scenes work well, and the scenes where James Bonney accuses Calico Jack of stealing his wife – who counts as his property – work, too.

I worked a bit ahead and also saved some fragments for future episodes.

Tapestry week starts tomorrow, and I am STILL eleven episodes behind on The Widow’s Chamber. If I didn’t think my head would explode, I’d try to get some work done on that tonight.

By the way, the marinated chicken turned out very well. Love those Silver Palette cookbooks!



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