Monday, November 22, 2004

November 22 Part II

Managed to write five new episodes of Tapestry, edit six, and get them sent off. I have five more episodes of Tap to do this week, which shouldn’t be too difficult, because the story arc’s flowing. I ought to be able to complete this arc within the five episodes. Maybe. A new character’s introduced himself who should make things rather interesting for Nina over the next few arcs, and their dynamic will help force her to go looking for the answers in the “Finding Jake” arc.

When I hit the second hand bookstores in Maine this week, I’ll look for guidebooks from Chicago printed ten years ago for the Chicago arc.

Ran some errands. I went over to clean out my neighbor’s fridge (the one who moved) – only when they messed with her door last week, they locked the top lock as well as the bottom lock and none of us have the key. So there was that whole thing of letting her know, she had to call the super, the super had to find the right key . . . .but it got done.

When you see movies supposedly set in New York and the characters have six locks on their doors – that part’s real. The huge size of the apartments is a fantasy, but the row of locks on the doors is real.

The weather on Wednesday is supposed to be bad, but we’re going to leave extra early to try to outrun it. Of course, they said it would be merely cloudy today – yet I’m seeing raindrops out that window. I’d prefer the storm to be here tomorrow – I’d rather slog through it on my way to day work than have to drive in it all the way to Maine.

Trying to decide if I can get a bit done on Widows’ Chamber now or if I should wait until after dinner.

I’m getting Run Time errors every five or six minutes, and it’s getting on my last very thin nerve.

I’d rather have a nap and/or a glass of wine.



At 9:30 AM, Blogger Colin said...

Enjoy your trip to Maine - have a great holiday! :-)


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