Saturday, November 13, 2004

Saturday, November 13, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

NaNoWrMo Daily Cheer: Look back at what you’ve accomplished thus far, take a deep breath, and continue the journey.

I definitely spent too many hours in the theatre this week for my own mental acuity. I got angry because I was sick and tired of tracking down the stage managers with the dressing room keys. They take the keys out of the wardrobe room during rehearsal so they can get props from the dressing rooms. Only, they lock the rooms in which I work and don’t return the keys. I lost over an hour of the work call trying to get the damn keys. They don’t think – locking the doors is reflexive. They’ve been asked over and over and OVER again to leave the doors open during the work call so the work can actually get done. And they pay no attention. In general, I find the stage management on the show appalling (in comparison with many other shows I’ve worked).

It’s certainly not going to change the course of the universe, but when I have three flights of stairs to haul clothes up and down anyway for the call, and then have to lose an hour climbing more stairs because the stage managers are thoughtless, I get annoyed.

Since they are incapable of consideration of anything outside of their immediate needs (then why are they stage managers?), then they should have their own ring of keys and it wouldn’t be a problem. But that would be a logical solution, which is something that’s impossible on this show.

The rain was cold and biting (hey, look at the tips of my ears – the red bits look like tooth marks) – winter is coming. I did my errands and banking pre-day call. One of the postal workers argued with her supervisor – of course, that was the one I got. Then she said, “I’m taking my time. I’m not rushing no more.” And I said, “You have a problem with your supervisor, you deal with it directly. You do not take it out on me. If I’m late and docked pay because you’re acting out against your supervisor, I will come back and take it out of your pay. Don’t think I can’t.” She sped up after that. And yes, I got to work on time.

I outlined a short story and two longer pieces on my break. One is definitely based directly on the dreamscape of the past few days, but taking some interesting twists and turns. The other is about a multi-layered confidence operation, with a working title of Intricacies of the Labyrinth. That sounds like it should be the dream-based one, and, perhaps, in some ways it is – exploring the line of lies, reality and mixing the two – although it’s set in modern day. The images for Intricacies are vivid, so I’m taking extensive notes before I lose it. For the other piece, I outlined what I expect will be the first third of it and am stuck. So I got the important, pressing images down and now I can let it rest until I am ready to give it full attention.

Stopped in a bookstore on my way home. Saw a pirate history on the remainder table and grabbed that. The large, illustrated Le Morte D’Arthur I saw a couple of days ago was already gone. I picked up a smaller, paperback copy to refresh my memory and wondered how many copies of that darned book I’ve bought and worn out in my life.

Flipped through about 20 books of Celtic Mythology – not one mentioned Sir Alymere, so they went back on the shelf. There were a couple of books on Norse mythology, but nothing that really spoke to me. There was a book of Icelandic sagas that looked interesting – and when I’m done, I could always set it on the ground and build a house on it. I’ll go back and pick it up on a day when I’m carrying less – or order it via mail and have it delivered. Bought some mind candy to read on the train – a fantasy and a mystery that both look like fun, and a gift for someone.

Got home and discovered, to my relief, that I didn’t have to go in for day work today. That means three full days of writing.

I should have worked on the serials last night, but instead I worked on notes for Intricacies.

This morning, I had to scrape frost off the car (which triggered an idea for a section of Intricacies set in a ski lodge). Ran errands, did my grocery shopping, and now I will turn my attention to the serials. Once I’m done with my serial goal for the day, then and only then can I pay any attention to Intricacies. So Teri and Connor can just go somewhere and have a drink or a cup of coffee until I have time to deal with them.

Dreamed of Otterburn again last night. Didn’t see anyone, but I could feel someone. Refused to be intimidated. They don’t get to make all the rules. Standing up to the archetypes in the dream isn’t about arrogance – it’s about remaining true to myself and not turning into a cliché.



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