Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday, November 07, 2004
Waning Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cool

NaNoWriMo Cheer for the Day:

Keep feeling the rhythm of the pen on paper and the tapping of the keys. Keep going!

Special congratulations to anyone who is running in the New York City Marathon today, and also to those working the marathon and turning out to encourage the runners.
Excellent commitment!

Yesterday’s road trip was fun. I enjoy traveling, and it was a beautiful day to be on the road.

The Bead Fiesta itself was okay, but I worked the room and was done within thirty minutes. There are some lovely artisan beads, but the reality of my life is that I can get most of the beads wholesale here in NYC for one fifth of what was charged at the show, and I can make much of the work they sold.

I appreciate the craftwork that many of the individual artisans do, but I didn’t want to buy any of it, especially not at those prices.

One vendor tried to get me to work with her behind the table, offering me $10 an hour. I simply said no, my schedule wouldn’t allow it. I was tempted to tell her how much higher my freelance hourly fee is, but it seemed nasty, so I didn’t. She was so pushy it was a turnoff.

At the conference center, I found a flyer for a store down the road called Earth Spirits Herbal Apothecary. Off we went – and it was an amazing store! The space is beautiful, the way the shop is set up is gorgeous, and the quality of the merchandise is wonderful. The prices are also very reasonable.

Their website is:

On top of that, they carry the almanacs and calendars for which I write – it’s always a kick to see something you’ve done on an actual bookshelf! It made me happy. I hope to spend more time up at that store in the future.

Turned the wrong way – instead of going towards the other stores/restaurants we wanted to visit, we ended up on some back roads. Very pretty, but that missed turn caused us to lunch at a truck stop rather than some quaint little local spot. Oh, well, the food was still good, even if the service was painfully slow.

Ran some errands on the way home.

Came home to work on some writing. I’m behind on articles for FemmeFan. And I’m behind where I need and want to be on the serials. I also want to get some short stories out.

I set up a new site for some of the other pseudonyms. The two main names have their own sites, but the other ones will be combined into a single site with separate pages. This gives every pseudonym a web presence and links, and gives me a wider range of promotional possibilities. I’ll post the link as soon as the site is up properly.

I did a rough design of a brochure for the serials. I want to do a mailing of several thousand pieces over the next few months and hope it boosts subscriptions.

I picked up enough information on my travels that I can expand my prospect list for business writing and course pitches by at least 200.

Now I have to sit down and generate those 200 pitches, while still keeping up with everything else.

This morning, preparing and sending my samples to the place that requested them on Thursday or Friday or whenever it was, took much longer than I wanted it to.

I have A LOT of writing to do on the serials today, as well as completing two articles, so I better get moving. I need my time to expand need today and tomorrow.

And my needs are pretty immense right now.

If I tried to do NaNoWriMo on top of everything else, I’d be ready to jump off a bridge by now.



At 5:27 PM, Blogger Shawna Marie said...

You are so welcome for the post about April Fools day! I really don't like April Fools either so I wanted to learn why we even mark it on the calander.

I came to visit your blog 1)because of your comment and 2) because I like to follow astrology and like tarot cards.

Have a wonderful day


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