Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sunday, November 28, 2004
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde

NaNoWriMo Daily Cheer: You’ve already achieved beyond what most people ever do. You’ve taken action, not just talked about it.

Well, my halls are decked. And the doors, windows, tables, etc., etc., etc. We worked all day – and we’re not done.

I have some cleaning and reorganizing to do before I can finish – amazing what you find when you move a piece of furniture that’s just been sitting there for awhile.

The tree looks beautiful. For the first time, we used ribbons streaming down the tree vertically – and looped around the trunk, allowing some interior sparkle. Three cats and dangling ribbons would be a recipe for disaster. As it is, Iris has rearranged my display under the tree about three times so that she can nap the way she wants to under the tree.

The table displays worked – even have one table set up just for Advent. I put up a little Scandinavian church scene I haven’t used in years, and found a Nativity scene I always put up as a kid. It doesn’t look right in the first place I put it, so I have to look around and find it someplace better. I definitely want to use it. I also found the Advent calendars I had when I was a kid – I used them for years, always being very careful with the little doors so they wouldn’t tear. They’re so beautiful – the ones they have now are too cutesy for my taste. And, although I appreciate chocolate Advent calendars, I like the ones that can be used over and over again. I think I might make one out of cloth one year, and make small ornaments for it. There just wasn’t time this year.

I pick up ornaments on my travels all the time, and people always give me new ones. I have quite a collection, and each ornament has a story. That means decorating the tree takes awhile, because each story has to be revisited as the ornament is unwrapped, but it’s worth it.

And I keep finding Halloween decorations I missed when I put them away.

Everything hurts – I was lifting and fetching and carrying and bending and ironing and all sorts of stuff all day. But it was worth it.

And the cats helped. So you can only imagine – I’ll be unwrapping ribbon from chair legs for days.

So, other than the blog, not a word was written today, although there’s plenty whirling through my head. I revised the five episodes of Tapestry last night and sent them off, and started another one.

But tomorrow is the start of Angel Hunt week, and I need to focus on that, while catching up with The Widow’s Chamber. I’d like to do two issues of AH each of the weekdays, plus one of WC. That would be a good rhythm. And give me time to turn around some submissions that came in, finish the tarot column, and work on some short stories. I should hear on my EWW submission soon.

I love this season. I know, people whine about how commercial it is. But it doesn’t have to be. I’m making the majority of the gifts I’m giving this year – it’s a good way to do something personal for the people in my life. Of the gifts I’m buying, most of them are books (always a favorite) and stocking stuffers. Putting together stockings for people is one of my favorite things. I love to find all sorts of tiny oddities and unusual treasures to fill the stocking.

I can’t wait until I have a house with fireplaces and can really go all out. Because I will.

Tired, sore, but satisfied,



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