Thursday, November 18, 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

NaNoWriMo Cheer: When it seems like it’s all too much, it’s simply time to dig deeper and go further.

I managed an episode and a half yesterday, in rough draft, of Charlotte, before I had to leave for the theatre. I probably would have accomplished more, but . . .

I’m typing away, dealing with the Bahamas in the 1700s when I hear someone working with a drill next door. In the apartment leased by the friend who got the job in Virginia a few weeks ago. The landlord told her she had to pay through the end of November, and, next week, the movers are coming to pack up her stuff and take it to her new home.

So, other than the place shown to prospective tenants and me checking on it occasionally, it should be quiet.

I opened the door. Some guy’s working on her door with a drill. I asked him what he was doing, and he ignored me. I told him the tenant was out of town right now and I was responsible for the apartment, and would he please tell me what he was doing?

He turned his back on me.

Okay, I wanted to grab him and bang his head against the wall. I do not accept that sort of disrespect. My second instinct was to call the cops and have him tossed in jail for breaking and entering.

But, I proceeded through channels. I found the super and the landlord and asked what was going on. “She’s moved out,” they said.

“No, you made her pay until the end of November. She’s moving out next week. Her door is open and some rude fuck is working up there unsupervised, in violation of the lease agreement. Fix it. Or would you rather I called the cops?”

So they did. I rarely swear at people – I think it’s a lazy use of language – so when I do, the people at whom it’s directed know a line has been crossed and I’m going to start pushing back. And I called my friend and she called them and reminded them, in no uncertain terms her opinion of the situation.

And then I had to run for the train.

Day work was fine. I had fun on the refresher show following one of the leads. Chances are I won’t have to do the track in the next few months, but it’s insurance in case of holiday emergencies. One of the other dressers is really upset that I’ve learned the track instead of her, but that’s between her and the supervisor. I go where I’m slotted, and I’m not taking a job away from her because she has a job. An old friend from another show took over for a dresser who recently left – and he was thrilled to see me. We had a nice reunion. Things will get crazy and intense during the holidays – they always do –and there are so many cast changes going on that it will be in upheaval well into January.

The life of the theatre.

Glad I’m moving on, as fond of these folks as I am.

Russia announced they are developing a new nuclear weapon that will render our missile defense system obsolete. And the world needs this because . . .?

I have to do research into the flora of the Bahamas – gosh, guess I’ll just have to buy some travel books about it tomorrow. And, for other research, I need a book about Iceland and book about Prince Edward Island.

Any excuse to buy travel books.

Heard about the death of a writer with whom I enjoyed corresponding. I don’t have details, but I’m sorry that he’s no longer with us. He was truly a sweet soul.

Did some more work on the grants for the Vietnam project. I actually want to apply for two grants – one for a theatre project and a “travel grant’ that will let me roam around and write. If I get either, then I will take the steps necessary to secure safe travel (as in, hire a guide if I want to travel alone) and get the appropriate paperwork from the government that will allow me to bring in a laptop and actually connect to the internet (my research shows there are restrictions, and I’d have to get special paperwork from the consulate).

If the trip to Paris works next fall, I can do some groundwork in Paris while I’m there that might secure additional funding for the Vietnam project.

Because, without funding, there’s no trip, no matter what the political climate of the world.

The author of the book I’m reading is represented by an agent with whom I’m in contact. Unfortunately, I don’t like the book at all and it makes me rethink whether or not I want to work with the agent. I want to go back and look at the person’s list – I’m pretty sure, before the initial contact, I liked some of the other books represented.

Too much trying to live in my head, and I have to get back to 18th century Bermuda for the rest of the day and write more episodes of Charlotte. Fight scene is improving, but I’m continuing on with other episodes while working on the fight scene.

Off to research the fragrant flowers of the Bahamas.



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