Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Rainy and cold

NaNoWriMo Daily Cheer: Although the week is crazy, the stability of your daily writing routine will do more for you in the long run than if you claim “you don’t have time”.

Thank you so much to the current administration who allowed the repeal of the ban on assault weapons. We have them to thank for the slaughter in Wisconsin, along with the man who actually pulled the trigger.

No civilian needs to own an assault rifle. There are dozens of ways to exercise one’s Constitutional right to bear arms without said arm being a piece whose only purpose is to kill humans.

“If you want your life to be Hell,
Deal with Dell.”

Yes, lovely Dell is at it again. Last week, I ordered the compact flashcards for my camera to take on the trip to Maine. They were scheduled to be here within 3 days (and usually arrive in 1). They’re still not here and if they’re not here today, I’m screwed. Lots of elderly relatives will be at the dinner, and they might not be around next year. I know when the disks were shipped but can’t get in to my account to track the shipping, because some jerkoff with too much time on his hands decided to change my password – only they won’t tell me what the new password is and won’t accept my password resets.

I don’t/can’t pull off the material on previous flashcards because the lovely CD burner Dell sold me, after telling me in writing that it is compatible with my computer – isn’t compatible and doesn’t work properly. Their response, “It’s not our job to match specs on products.” Um, isn’t that what your sales team is supposed to do when selling these bits and pieces? Help the customer put together a package of compatible components?

And with the way the non-operating system works on this computer, if I simply leave it on my hard drive, I'll lose the photos in the next crash.

When will the law start holding these corporations accountable for their misinformation, mismanagement, and breakage of contracts with their customers?

They’ll keep doing it as long as customers don’t make the time to complain, but instead bend over and say, “screw me again, big business.”

Attendance at food pantries in the area is up by 9%, and most of it is working families. In other words, they’re trying their best, they’re not lazy or looking for handouts and they still can’t feed their families. Meanwhile, funding to these facilities is cut while CEOs lay off thousands more and congratulate themselves by voting themselves six figure raises.

I’m further ahead than I thought I was on Widow’s Chamber. I did about an episode yesterday, and I want to do two episodes of Tapestry before I leave for the theatre.

I don’t want to go in today – I want to stay home and write and bake the pie. I’m almost packed – just have to decide what to wear for the dinner and which notebooks I want to take. That always becomes a bigger dilemma than it needs to be. Just toss in a couple of notebooks and write on whichever project you brought – don’t worry about which one you think will suddenly get “inspired.” Jeez, it’s writing, not brain surgery.

That was probably the biggest thing I proved to myself on Sunday, by pushing through and not only getting the work done on Charlotte, but by most of it being good (except for that one episode that still bothers me). I can sit down and pull out whatever I need to in order to get the work done. I prefer working under the drug of inspiration, but I can get through it with sheer hard work.

One of the best things I learned from the hockey players while researching Clear the Slot was how, when you think you’ve got nothing left, to dig deeper and find it.

Again, it becomes “how badly do you want this?” The “this” in my case, being the writing. If a writer wants it badly enough, he or she will make it happen. Otherwise, the writer will hide behind a million excuses – many of them legitimate – but it boils down to if you want it badly enough, you make it happen. Doesn’t matter what else is going on in your life, you make the time for what’s important.

Love those meteorologists, saying it won’t start raining until tomorrow morning – as the raindrops patter against the windows. Maybe if they only were paid when they were right, they’d at least try for accuracy.

I’m getting into the séance sequence in Widow’s Chamber, and I want to re-read my information on 19th Century spiritualism. It truly blossomed after the Civil War up to the turn of the century, but there was a good bit of it before the war, too.

I can’t wait to get out of town tomorrow. I can’t wait to be away from NYC and its perpetual state of siege, dodging around drawn guns on the way to and from work all the time. Although I appreciate the exhaustive and exhausting work of these men and women, I don’t feel safe.

Safety means not needing them to walk around in packs with drawn weapons.