Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

NaNoWriMo Daily Cheer: Think of this is a workout, daily training for the rest of your career.

Didn’t sleep much last night – too tired to get up and do anything, too restless to sleep. When I finally got to sleep, I found myself, at one point, on the battlements of Alnwick Castle. I’ve spent a great deal of time roaming the grounds, I’ve been in the castle itself, but I was never way up there. It was a relief to be somewhere familiar, though.

This does not bode well for day work and a show for me today. The regular Wednesday schedule of two shows changed. Someone bought out the house for an additional performance this Sunday night, so the matinee was cancelled. The Gershwin is one of the bigger theatres on B’way, and with tickets at nearly $100 a pop – even with a group discount – wow!

I wonder who it was.

Amusing story in the newspaper: In Louisiana, beavers used discarded money from a bank heist to build their dams. The cops found the bills intact when they took the dams apart.

I cut out the story. I’ve got to use it somewhere, someday.

The internal resistance is building. I need to figure out away to speed up the career transition. I’m having a hard time going in to the theatre. I got all the work done, and I had pleasant chats with my co-workers, who I genuinely enjoy. I just don’t want to be there any more. I keep reminding myself what a small percentage of people actually get to work on Broadway, and the even smaller percentage of workers that are in a good situation.

But this is no longer my life.

And it makes me sad.

As I came out of Grand Central Station yesterday, a group of MTA police ran in, one of them shouting, “Did they call SWAT?” No idea what it was about and nothing on the news.

The crystal star was lifted by crane and placed on top of the tree at Rockefeller Centre, with carolers “singing it up” from the ice. It’s beautiful. I’d never seen it placed on the tree before – just the results. Even the most jaded 30 Rock worker with whom I spoke is excited about decorating the tree.

Gotham Book Mart reopened on E. 46th Street!!!! This is outstanding news – it is an amazing independent bookseller with a rich history.

Unfortunately, B&N is moving from its Rock Centre location to the corner of 46th and 5th, and will be direct competition.

Except for the remainder table, I’ll keep my shopping at Gotham and Coliseum.

Did some work on “Giving and Thanks” yesterday. Looked over notes for several short stories. They are pedestrian and I don’t have a new, interesting point of view on them, so they are put aside. Not worth taking the time to write them out.

The fight scene for Charlotte is better. The physicality is getting there, and then I have to construct dialogue that is interesting, but also makes sense within the context of the situation.

Before 11 AM today, when I have to catch the train.

I might do some work on the scene, move ahead to other episodes and then go back.

I’d rather go back to bed, but that’s not an option until after 1 AM tomorrow morning, when I get back from the theatre.

Got my holiday cards, my labels (which I need to print), and my holiday postcards are ordered and on the way. The overseas cards need to go out right after Thanksgiving and the in-country cards need to be out by December 12. Although I pared down my list last year, this year it’s ballooned again with business contacts in this career-transition thing. If I let these early deadlines slide on cards, I never get them out, so I have to be strict with myself.



At 1:21 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

I suck at fight scenes too. To me, they're the hardest thing to write.


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