Monday, December 06, 2004

Dec. 6 Part IV

Jeez, shut up already, right? :)

Blocked out the first tarot sequence for Angel Hunt, but have to write it up. Figured out the proper cards for each position – still debating with myself on a couple of the warning cards. I think I want to use The Moon, The Seven of Swords and the Three of Swords. But the reading will hold together as the plot device I need it to be. I might try to write some of it tonight – I’ll have to see how I feel after dinner (I’m roasting a chicken – an herbed roast chicken with mashed potatoes is a perfect meal for a snowy December evening).

I wrote up the séance in The Widow’s Chamber. It needs some work, but the basic structure is there. Also did another issue and a half. If I want to catch up, I need to do three issues of WC per day, which is a tall order. I would have finished the third issue in today’s installment, but I have to stop and research the history of the engagement ring.

Interesting that such similar themes have come up almost simultaneously in both AH and WC. Of course, if I was caught up with WC, this would have been written nearly a month ago.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda won’t get me anywhere. Doing will.

Trying to decide if I want to pursue an opportunity writing for an Australian publication. I have several ideas for regular work I could submit, but first I asked some questions of my own. Their answers will help me decide whether or not to send a proposal. The money sounds decent – even in Australian dollars – and in the age of PayPal, payment is no longer a problem.

Did some work on the direct mail piece for the serials. I need to price out to see if it’s more cost effective to have it printed out-of-house or do it myself in the batches as I mail it. A 1% return on a direct mailing is considered good, so depending on how many subscriptions I want to increase by . . .well, let’s just say I’m looking at quite a bit of mail. And I want to create some sort of special deal coupon to go within the mail to make it even more enticing.

Eventually, I’m going to have to incorporate and get a bulk mail permit. I figure that’s 3-5 years down the line.

Spent far too much time this afternoon reading through other people’s blogs. I found a few I’d revisit, and many I wouldn’t. I do find it interesting to read blogs of people whose lives are quite different from mine. And some people have a terrific sense of humour. And others just need the catharsis of a public diary. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s interesting. I just read many blogs, then pick and choose the ones I want to revisit.

I actually had the chance to watch a movie last night on TV, The Librarian, starring Noah Wylie. I wanted to like it. Truly, I did. I thought it would be delightful to have a truly funny, clever parody of the action/adventure films while using literature and legends. Unfortunately, it was awful. The writing had moments of cleverness and clarity, but I was miles ahead of the script all the time. And there was too much scenery chewing. Certain roles could have been underplayed in order to make the over-the-top ones more in character. Instead, there were so many tooth marks on the cheesy sets I’m surprised they didn’t fall down. I felt truly cheated. In this case, I fault the writing and the direction. Even on their obviously very tight budget, a little imagination could have made the viewers forgive just about anything.

One of these days, I might actually get to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I know, I’m the only human who hasn’t seen them yet. Oh, well. The clips I’ve seen are beautiful. I read the books when I was about eleven – The Hobbit and the three Rings books, all in sequence. I enjoyed them and the created world, but I was dissatisfied with the female characters (even at age eleven, I wanted strong women in adventure and fantasy stories. Not women acting like men, but strong, intelligent women in their own right). It will be interesting to see how it’s all handled in the movies. Someday. When I have twelve straight hours to watch it all through.

Yeah, that’ll happen. :)


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