Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dec. 11 Part II

The renovations next door are freaking out the cats and making it impossible for me to work creatively. I only got a half a proposal written all morning.

Maidens of the Celtic Harp just wasn’t cutting it, and neither was the excellent music played by my upstairs neighbor.

So it’s Blues Traveler’s CD Straight on Till Morning cranked up enough so that I don’t know if the pictures on the wall are rattling from the power tools or the bass guitar.

Of course, Blues Traveler’s not conducive to writing about the Mississippi River in 1852. So I’m going to do some of the work-out given to me by the fight director with whom I’ll be working for the sword choreography for the serials. Several people think I’m nuts to work with a fight choreographer in order to write scenes, but to get what I want out of the writing, I need to know what it feels like in my body. I always bring a fight choreographer into the rehearsal process for any thing, even something as simple as a slap or a punch. So why not use one in the writing process? And hey, he thinks it’s cool.

I actually took T’ai Chi once. The instructor told me my energy was too active for t’ai chi and I needed a more aggressive form of martial arts.

“Like judo?” I asked. I took judo as a teenager and even that little bit of training’s gotten me out of a few tight situations in my time.

“Like kung fu,” he replied.

Okay. But I haven’t found the time or the instructor.

Next: A good workout and then maybe some intricate jazz to get me back to 1852.



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