Friday, December 17, 2004

Dec. 17 Part III

The afternoon was spent making two batches of my Coventina Healing Bath Salts – all natural ingredients, hand blended during waxing moon, a recipe I developed myself, etc. I’m going to give them away as Yule gifts. Printed up the labels for the jars, printed the gift tags.

I’m using recycled jars (sterilized) for the salts, and I planned to cover the tops with paper, but it looks tacky. Acrylic paint works better, so tomorrow morning, I set out all the little lids and paint away. If it’s a crisp, dry day like today, it’ll take about four hours to dry completely and I’ll be able to wrap everything on Sunday.

I also have to finish painting the glassware tomorrow, so that can dry and be wrapped on Sunday.

Monday is my baking day.

Tuesday I haul everything into the city and play Gift-Giving Elf (my absolute favorite role).

Created a new recipe for chicken in a rosemary-mustard sauce for dinner. Not bad for first time out, but I can push a few of the elements a little the next time I make it. I can add a bit more mustard, pull back a tad on the rosemary, and use more salt. I’ll have to adjust the pepper then – it’s perfect now – but I’ll taste as I go and it should work.

In and around all of this activity, I plotted out the next few episodes of Charlotte, so now I can sit down and write them.

The Christmas tree is lit, the fragrant holiday candles are on, the Nutcrackers stand sentinel, it’s quiet outside, and all is right with my world for the moment. I savour these moments – few and far between.



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