Saturday, December 18, 2004

Dec. 18 Part II

The beer/lime juice marinade for the beef turned out very well. I ended up making a sort of a rouladen, but instead of the usual Italian/eastern European spices my mother used, I used some of them (oregano, basil, bay leaf) and also used lime juice and coriander. It worked. The meat sat in the marinade for six hours? Five hours? Something like that; I rolled it up and cooked it slowly in onion and olive oil. Served it with baked potatoes soaked in real butter and red cabbage. Yum!

And, I wrote down the recipe notes right after the meal so I wouldn’t forget it.

Bing, Frank and Rosemary are on the CD player warbling carols, the tree is on, the candles are lit . . .

Tune in tomorrow for an exciting new project – that involves reader participation!!! I’m still trying to think up a pithy name for it (I enjoy the word “pithy”), but hopefully, by the time I post tomorrow, I’ll have it.

Back to finish off the month’s episodes of Charlotte. They need to go out tomorrow. Tapestry week starts on Monday, and I am just BURSTING with ideas for the next month’s episodes!



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