Monday, December 20, 2004

Dec. 20 Part III

Wrote some more holiday cards. Polished up a couple of short stories and submitted them. Did some on-line marketing. Did some more work on the Business Plan. Wrote a few letters.

Worked on the Lindisfarne article. I’m just letting myself go in the first draft, getting a variety of thoughts and feelings and memories of the place down. I’ll shape it once it’s all on paper, rather than trying to call up memories to fit a format. In this case, I think it will work better. And I want to prepare an excellent sidebar.

Read through the April and May blog entries and took some notes, to give myself an overview of the year. It left me feeling more hopeful than I thought it would, and is certainly helping me with the GDR and the Business Plan.

I toyed with the idea of creating “Ink in My Kitchen” as a separate blog, but I’m afraid that will make me feel fragmented. I’ll keep it within this one, but give it a bold sub-heading.

Also considered reformatting the blog. Just because. However, I really like this format and find it soothing. So why change simply to change?

Now that Mercury’s direct, I seem to be able to post on the writers’ group. Go figure.

Invited another writer I think would be a good fit into the group – two new invitees in the past couple of weeks. I hope they enjoy it!

Here’s another really good blog, called “Seeking Clarity”:

Will print out the KIC mag stuff and see if I can turn it all around tonight. Don’t want to get behind.

Maybe I’ll do some more work on “Touch” tonight, but I think I should make it an early night. Tomorrow will be a very long day, between a double work call and hauling in a suitcase full of gifts.

I’m looking forward to a nice glass of wine tomorrow night and some holiday cheer!



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