Monday, December 20, 2004

Dec. 20 Part IV

A close call.

I walked away from my computer for a minute to get something across the room. And I hear a dog barking (no dogs are allowed in my building). And I hear voices, having a conversation.

Not the kind of voices one hears when one is writing – call it Alpha State, call it a trip to the Writing Planet, call it a visit to the Writing Dimension (or is it dementia?).

Nor were they the voices from a neighbor’s television in another apartment.

These were strange voices in MY apartment.

But no one’s there.

And the place isn’t haunted.

And the cats are asleep (although they twitched a bit at the sound of a dog barking).

So I figure, okay, I’ve finally snapped. I lost that last marble. My elevator is stuck several floors below the top. I’m on my way to the rubber room.

But the voices are still quite distinct.

So I go back to my desk and see that I was still signed on to my ISP, and some little feline must have walked across the keyboard on her way to a new nap spot, because some weird site was loading with dogs chasing butterflies and two people seated over a picnic having a conversation.

I was SOOOO relieved.

So maybe I’m only a little frayed, not snapped. Maybe I have a marble or two left. And maybe I hit the override button on the elevator and it’s moving again.

In any case, I caught up on all the material from KIC.

Some cards came in today, from people whose addresses I don’t have, so I have to get out another batch tonight.

I meant to make it an early night because I have to get up at 6 AM. It could still be an early night if I get those cards done.

Why do I think by then there will be yet another distraction?


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