Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Dec. 14 Part II

Learn from me: When you’re not feeling so hot, pass on the peppermint latte. As much as you try to justify it by the knowledge that peppermint can settle an upset stomach, there’s not enough peppermint to do any good. Blech.

Other than that misfired treat, it was a good day at the theatre. I have to leave myself more time going between Grand Central and the Gershwin due to holiday crowds. They’re friendly and merry and it’s great. There are just a LOT of them.

The cats were sick, too, yesterday and today, so I’m wondering if we’re having some sort of water contamination. Switched them to bottled water and they seem to be fine.

Work was fine. Spent my break socializing for part of it, catching up with the news, and also got some work done on Ransagh. The overall structure is taking shape, and I’m beginning to sort the notes.

It’s a bright, biting cold, with the wind feeling like needles scraping across the face. But I don’t mind. I’m Winter Girl. This is my season.

Got a bunch of work to do for the KIC Mag tonight, and then I have to buckle down and make Charlotte the center of my universe tomorrow.

Can’t wait to see the Angel Tree at the Met on Thursday.



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