Sunday, December 19, 2004

Dec. 19 Part II

Well, I’m one step from blithering idiotdom (no smart-ass comments, please). It took me longer to wrap the gifts than to make them. And this year, I didn’t do (much) fancy packaging.

I literally have to pack a wheeled suitcase in order to get in just the gifts for Wicked on Tuesday. I’m waiting until Thursday to bring in the gifts for Rent and for my friends working on other shows.

And here I thought I had a shorter list this year because I’m only a swing. But I like to do things for the people I work with, make/give them a little something special so that they know they matter, and I also want to make sure no one’s left out, so . . .it’s a long list.

I’m exhausted.

And Wicked’s booked me for double calls on the next three Tuesdays – good money, but I’m combining the principal call with the shoe call.

So it’s a twenty minute nap and then an all-nighter to finish what needs to be done on the remaining episodes of Charlotte.

And then tomorrow I’ll share the new project.




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