Sunday, December 26, 2004

Dec. 26 Part II

It’s snowing!!!!

Never a dull moment. Waiting for one set of guests; phone call from another set of unexpected guests who caught, on impulse, a flight in to visit for a few days. And as I’m traveling to the airport, a call from Wicked, asking me to come in for the matinee.

Of course, I couldn’t.

And it would have been much easier to pick up my friends if they’d told me the right airport.

But it’s all sorted. One set of guests come and gone; the other settled and preparing for tonight’s full moon.

Plenty of lively discussion about whether to continue to live in the US or emigrate. One pair of friends has applied to emigrate to Canada. The other friends live outside the US and are encouraging me to move to Paris – where they treat writers well. Actually, the best place for writers I’ve ever visited is Australia. They treat writers very well there. We all agree that Iceland’s 100% literacy rate and high quality of life are inviting. The thought of living on an island makes me nervous, though.

One friend summed up the disturbing swing of the country’s mood: “It’s not just about disagreeing and then respecting different viewpoints. It’s become ‘I disagree with you and I’m going to crush you’.” This attitude that patriotism means blind acceptance of bad decisions on the part of our government is ludicrous. It’s because I love my country that I get so angry when the individuals who comprise government work from personal ego instead of for the good of the nation as a whole.

And that’s not the principle upon which our founding fathers worked. Ben, George, John – come back! We need you!

Another batch of healing bath salts done (they can only be done during the waxing moon).

Also, since today was the first day of the Twelve Days of Christmas (Partridge in a Pear Tree, anyone?), last night’s dream was prophetic. Each dream you dream during the nights leading up to Twelfth Night is an augury for the coming year and is connected to a particular month. In other words, last night’s dream was for January.

Unfortunately, it was an argument with a supervisor that I knew in the dream but have yet to meet.

So I won’t accept any new shows in January and the literal interpretation of the dream is nullified.

I just have to figure out what the symbolic meaning is.

Something to do with the career transition, no doubt. The supervisor in the dream was “disappointed in me” – and part of the conflict in the transition is the feeling that I’m letting people down. Which is ridiculous, because for every person who leaves the business, there are at least a hundred lined up to take his place.

Maybe I’ll get some work on the serials done.

With guests?

Yeah, right.

At least there are plenty of leftovers, and the guests brought quite a large supply of wine. Which we’ve already opened.

Let’s hope I don’t get called in to work tonight! It would be, um . . .interesting.



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