Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dec. 29 Part II

The death toll from the tsunami is now past 76,000, and it’s thought that it will pass100,000. Such an enormous loss of life is nearly incomprehensible. The grief is overwhelming.

It’s almost enough to turn one into an Existentialist.

I continue to perform the Ceremonies for the Dead. I’m toying with the idea of writing a more encompassing ceremony to do on the Dark Moon, complete with a large pool filled with floating candles. Is that respectful or disrespectful, considering that the dead perished in the water? My gut instinct is that hundreds of floating candles will represent souls on the water, but I want to be respectful.

There are dozens of agencies sending aid. Two of them are The International Red Cross and UNICEF, easy to contact via the Internet. I was a volunteer military caseworker during Desert Storm with the Red Cross here in New York, and I have a great deal of respect for them.

The Houston Aeros Hockey Club is working with UNICEF to gather donations – visit their site for more information as well.

Unfortunately, along with all those who genuinely try to help, some agencies will be set up as scam operations. So make sure you research before you give money.

On another sad note, Jerry Orbach died last night. Although he achieved wide recognition for his television work, especially on Law and Order, he was a lifelong theatre man. I’ve seen him on stage several times and loved his work. He always saw shows on Broadway – usually knew half the company, too – so we’ve run into each other (sometimes literally) for my entire theatre career. He’s one of the most talented and nicest guys around. His death is a huge loss to the creative community.

Two episodes of Angel Hunt revised and sent to the editor.

The article is revised and sent off; the editor likes it. She performed some terrific gentle edits:

While polishing that article, I got an idea for another article for the site – but it has to wait until after I’ve met some of these deadlines.

While researching the Lindisfarne article, I wanted to fact check when the road was paved. So, I sent off an e-mail to the Heritage Center. Their response, received today, was that the road was paved during the “Coronation Decade.” Okay, I’m an American, when the hell was that? And whose Coronation? I’d assume Elizabeth II’s, but it’s always dangerous to assume anything. I need the facts. I contacted some friends in the UK – hopefully one of them can point me in the right direction. Come on, people, why couldn’t you just e-mail back the year? Urgh.

I nearly inserted a snide aside in the article, but then cut it. I’ll limit the snideness to the Diary, thank you very much, and keep the article professional.

Angel Hunt needs some more attention, I have to edit and send off what I can for The Widow’s Chamber and then I HAVE to do some more work on Cutthroat Charlotte.



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