Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December 1 Part II

Well, I managed to get another episode and a half of Angel Hunt written. I was just getting into the groove – I’d figured out how Hrothgar ties into the story, and who created the Jiole-phiob that nearly killed Gaston and Lianna -- when the plumber began banging on doors looking to fix a leak. Once I was torn out of the world of Angel Hunt, I had a hard time finding my way back.

Suddenly, the sun popped out from behind the clouds (you could almost literally hear the “poing”). Everything looked bright and shiny and washed. I dashed to the grocery store to do my shopping. I skipped the rest of the errands today because many of the traffic lights stopped working due to the storm. Crews were out trying to fix them, but things were in a tangle. I can always go to the art supply store tomorrow morning. I want to get my paints and start working on the glassware.

I had to check some angel research for Angel Hunt – I keep getting the Nine Choirs mixed up and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t calling a Seraphim a Cherubim or a Virtue a Throne. Don’t want to offend any of them, after all.

I need to do some research on the history of occultism in France. I’m not having much luck on the Internet – probably because I’m not entering the search properly. I’ll contact some people I know in France to see if they can point me in the right direction. Since I want to set a big chunk of Angel Hunt in Paris, once this major story arc is complete, I need to do my research.

Wild Child published a short play I co-wrote with a friend in their November issue. It was part of Moon Tribe Tales: The International Women’s Day Project 1999, produced here in New York. It concerns two female lawyers, friends, on opposite sides of a child custody case, discussing the possibilities. One of the lines in the play got one of the biggest laughs of the entire night. One of the lawyers, Eden, talks about beliefs, and Marisa retorts: “You don’t believe New Jersey exists, but you still have to drive through it to reach Pennsylvania.”

I guess you’d have to be a New Yorker to find that funny, but it brought the house down in every performance.

Weighing the pros and cons of several intriguing projects. I don’t know how much else I can take on, physically or mentally, so I have to be very careful right now. I’m going to re-sign for nine more months each for The Widow’s Chamber, Tapestry, and Angel Hunt. So, that will take me through next September or October on the serials.

I need to figure out some more marketing strategies for the serials, but anything I do right now will get lost in the holiday shuffle, so the best thing I can do is date a bunch of stuff ahead and just shoot it all out during the first week of January.

I have to say, I adore my Canon printer. It’s a gem, and does more than I could imagine.

My nutcrackers seem to be rearranging themselves. I collect Nutcrackers. Even though I have a big box of them in storage, I’ve accumulated more during the past three years, and I have a lovely regiment (platoon?) of them here in the apartment. Only, they’re not where I originally placed them, and I keep finding them in different spots all over the apartment. The cats must be busy.

The cats have been frantic for the past two days – very restless. Elsa’s done nothing but cry and drag objects of clothing around the apartment. I started joking about earthquakes – and then found out there was a small one in New Jersey yesterday with aftershocks. So, kitty knows what she’s about!

I’m going to attempt a few pages of Clock – in spite of the fact that it’s making me homesick for Culzean -- then make ham, vegetables and pasta in alfredo sauce for dinner, before tackling the edits on Angel Hunt and trying to get some more work done on ”Giving and Thanks”. I haven’t heard boo from Emerging Women Writers, so I’m wondering if they’ve rejected “Driven to Change.”

I discovered a stash of short stories I’d forgotten about. I need to go through all my short stories and start finding homes for them. I looked back through my poetry the other day, thinking, “oh, it can’t be that bad.”

Well, it CAN and it IS and it’s staying firmly in the drawer.

One Advent calendar has an Angel behind Door 1 (how appropriate for today’s work) and one has an Advent wreath. I have so many happy childhood memories attached to both of those calendars.



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