Monday, December 13, 2004

December 13 Part IV

Got a bit of work done on Charlotte, Widow’s Chamber and an as-yet untitled short story – the characters wouldn’t shut up so I jotted down their first scene.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, I got violently sick. I must have picked up some flu bug on the train or something that’s sat latent for a few days. One minute I was fine; the next, I most certainly wasn’t.

I made one of the disgusting herbal concoctions (why do they always have to be so vile?). I’ve got a fever brew ready to go, but I’m going to let the fever run its course for a few hours so it can do its job. I don’t feel all that bad, just weak and shaky, and not able to really focus.

I managed to get most of the holiday cards done. Now I will retreat to the bed with my notebook – though I doubt I’ll get any more writing done -- and probably watch bad television tonight. Unless that makes me feel worse.

I have heavy costumes to heft tomorrow and no time for illness. So I just better get over it. That’s what I get for gloating that, except for one day when I was sick over the summer, I’ve been healthy since last Christmas Eve. Urgh.



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