Friday, December 03, 2004

December 3 Part II

Edited three issues of Angel Hunt and sent them off. They read better than I thought – especially now that they’ve been edited. I was worried that they’d be disjointed or that the cross pollination would seem false, but it’s smoothed out now. And I suddenly realized that two different names are actually the same character – hopefully it will be a good surprise for the reader, and I can pull it off in a way that the reader does not feel cheated. I’ll have to sprinkle in a few hints amongst the next cycle of episodes. I want it to be a surprise, but then the reader can go back and say, “Oh, there’s a hint – I could have figured it out after all.”

Did a rough for the direct mail brochure for the serials. The copy needs more work, and I have to lay it out. It’s at least another seven or eight hours that I currently don’t have, so I’ll do it in dribs and drabs over the next few weeks, as I put together the direct marketing list. I’m also trying to figure out some special coupon offers or something. I have to figure out something specific and then run it past my editor.

Sent off some questions in response to a job ad. I think I’d be a good fit for the publication, but it’s based in Australia, so I don’t know if what I would write for them is appropriate for their market. If they respond “yes”, I’ll put together a proposal.

I forgot to mention an odd dream I had last night. I dreamt I visited a well-known actor in prison. Now, this guy isn’t in jail, has never been in jail, and hopefully never will be in jail. It’s not someone with whom I’ve worked, but someone whose work I admire. I don’t remember the gist of the conversation, but the images from the dream were intense. I think the actor represents my creativity (poor guy), and, somehow, I feel my creativity is imprisoned right now. Other than the pressure of constant deadlines, I don’t think it’s true, but that’s what the dream suggests.

That’s so frustrating right now. The emotions I’m dealing with are in direct opposition to what’s actually going on in m life. I need to track them back down to the root so I can deal with the “root rot” so to speak.

The jar candle I always burn when I write exploded. Just what I needed – hot wax all over the place. Not to mention the symbolism.

Printed out most of the pictures that will be enclosed in the holiday cards. Always takes longer than I think it will, but it’s so nice to be able to handle all of that at home, instead of having to take it to a store, fill out all the paperwork, wait for it and pay for it. Not to mention that the last time I took in a roll of film, the camera place not only didn’t print some of the photos because they decided the pictures weren’t worth printing, they lost the negatives.

At least I sound cheerful in the holiday cards. Maybe if I write enough of them, I’ll write myself into the holiday spirit.

Going to try to get out a few pages of Clock and maybe start typing “Giving and Thanks.” Since work on the serials seems to have stalled. And I can’t just sit here staring at a screen or surfing the Internet. That’s not going to get the work done.

Oh, well, we all hit days of frustration. Maybe I’m hitting all of mine in a row and then I’ll have filled my quota.



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