Monday, December 06, 2004

December 6 Part III

Edited and sent off three issues of Angel Hunt.

I also sent a request to my editor to move AH out of the horror genre and into the fantasy genre. It’s not dark enough to be horror, and, although there’s a good bit of psychological tension in it, there’s also a lot of humour. It’s not dark and sticky enough to really fit into the horror genre. I thought it would be, when I conceived it, but it’s taken on its own life. I was very nervous about making the request, and it’s ultimately up to the editor, but I feel better for doing so. I feel like I’m being truer to the piece. It’s actually more of magical realism than fantasy, but that’s usually where M.R. is stuffed, genre-wise.

Wrote another episode of Angel Hunt. The new guardians Drogo created to protect Lianna’s apartment while he’s gone are wacky. It leaves lots of room for humour. I started the final episode of the month, which is the tarot reading Lianna gives Dr. Neville. That’s going to take a good deal of planning, to get the cards just right in order to drive the plot forward. I can’t just throw cards for it, because I know where it needs to lead, so I have to plan each card for the reading, and then have warning cards jump out at Lianna. That’s a complicated episode, and it will take a few days to hone.

Working on the séance section in The Widow’s Chamber. It needs to be carefully orchestrated amongst the different people present. It’s a bit like writing a symphony – all the elements have to blend properly in order for the sections of harmony or intended disharmony to function properly.

My editor has no problem shifting Angel Hunt into a different genre. I’m so relieved. I hadn’t realized how heavily it weighed on me.

The snow’s really coming down! I’m excited.

Of course, I wouldn’t be so happy if I had to slogging out there around in it!

Writing to the music of Celtic Forest, Celtic Soul, Celtic . . . well, you get the idea.


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