Saturday, December 11, 2004

Saturday, December 11, 2004
New Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Rainy and mild

I’m so ready for a new moon, and I’m so ready for Mercury to go direct!!!

Getting around Manhattan yesterday was a nightmare in the bad weather. For once, the majority of people actually observed Umbrella Etiquette – it’s simply that so many people were stuffed into such a small bit of sidewalk it was difficult to get anywhere.

An XL cup of hot chocolate picked up along the way did me a lot of good. I don’t often stop at Starbuck’s – their coffee is overpriced and so acidic it often makes me sick – but their hot chocolate is wonderful. And the staff at the Starbucks on Broadway and 51st Street is so genuinely kind and friendly that it makes you want to go there.

Day work was fun. A zoo, but fun. There was a put-in rehearsal for a bunch of new performers, so there was one set of dressers on the deck to actually teach them the changes, and the other set of dressers (of which I was one) to get the clothing prepped and then re-prepped for the actual performance. There were times when it was a little insanely busy. But it was great to see everyone – I haven’t seen the actors in a long time, and I so enjoy them. So it was happy chaos. But it’s still no longer my life, and in spite of the fact that I had a great time with everyone, there was a huge part of me that longed to be doing my work.

The newly re-opened MOMA is free on Friday nights from 4-8 PM. It’s always been one of my favorite museums, but I think a $20 entrance fee is obscene, and I won’t pay it. So I decided to stop by after work.

First of all, the rain was so intense that, walking the half block from the stage door to Broadway, I was soaked to the skin from the thighs down. I get to the MOMA, and there’s a line, outside in the rain, snaking all the way down the block.

Um, no thank you. I’ll pass.

I met an archaeologist who had also wanted to visit the museum but wasn’t about to stand in line in the rain, either, so we ducked into a near-by hotel and had a glass of wine to shore ourselves up for our various journeys. Hey, I’m no fool. An hour spent with a handsome, intelligent, articulate man is a good way to pass a rainy Friday evening. Especially one who does something for a living that I find interesting. I asked a lot of questions. Since I have an interest in the field, I had some specifics to ask that surprised him, and I understood what he talked about. It was interesting.

Caught up on a few things last night when I got home -- once I'd wrung the water out of my clothes and dried off-- but was too worn out to write. Actually watched TV last night – a rarity – and watched movies until after 2 AM. And then, of course, I couldn’t’ sleep because I was dissecting the movies. That’s a regret I have about getting a degree in film and television production – I can’t just sit and watch a movie anymore, unless it’s completely breathtaking. I’m always taking it apart. I miss being able to lose myself in it.

So I’m a little tired and out of it today, but I need to get a lot done on The Widow’s Chamber. And I want to get out another proposal, and work on both painting and the holiday cards.

Angel Hunt and Tapestry are still unreeling inside my head, but The Widow’s Chamber is the one that needs the attention. I’m struggling with the next few issues, but once they hit the shore, I’ll be back on solid ground again. I’m plotting out a few surprises (hee, hee, hee).

And, Monday, Cutthroat Charlotte week begins again. It feels like I just wrote a bunch of episodes on that. Charlie, the pirate nutcracker, will sit on my desk for that week.

They're renovating the apartment next door vacated by my friend. The volume of my music today will rise in direct proportion to the invasion of their power tools.



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