Saturday, December 18, 2004

Saturday, December 18, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

The hospital up the road in Port Chester will close on Christmas Eve, it was announced last night. How can that happen? It was rebuilt several years ago and they complain of “old equipment and buildings”. The hospital in Greenwich is too far to go to in an emergency – plus their attitude, which is a whole other story – and the next nearest hospital is . . .I don’t even know. White Plains? And to close on Christmas? Not to have an emergency room around here for New Year’s is ludicrous.

The “management company” that was brought into the hospital obviously failed – so kick ‘em out and put in people that know and understand health care. The purpose of a hospital is NOT to make a profit – it is to serve the community. And bringing in business jerkoffs only causes the kinds of problems that we are now facing.

On one of my college breaks, I was a temp in the radiation ward at a nearby hospital who will remain nameless. The staff there was the kindest and most caring I’ve ever encountered. Their patients were mostly in the final stages of cancer. But they were treated with the utmost dignity and gentleness and care. Well, the damned hospital brought in an efficiency expert who said that the staff shouldn’t “waste their time on a bunch of people who are going to die anyway” and needed to push them through their treatments faster. I wrote an enraged statement to the board – which I believe was actually taken seriously, because the ward remained untouched.

That’s what happens when you bring in “experts” who don’t look at patients as humans.

I also have strong personal ties to the particular hospital that’s closing. My father died there in 1972, after we moved him from the horrible hospital to which he’d been taken in the city when he had a stroke at his desk. And I was a candy striper there all through high school.

The health care system in this country needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up so that the health care professionals can actually do what it is they are trained to do – take care of patients.

On a happier note, this morning was errand-and-painting morning. The grocery shopping is done – in a few minutes, I have to concoct a new marinade for some beef.

I painted all the jar lids for the bath salts with acrylic paint – some are red, some are blue, some are green. I had to work quickly, not only because the acrylic starts to dry pretty fast, but when you have cats, they stick their paws and whiskers into anything new. I made salt dough ornaments one year as gifts for everyone. When I painted them, Elsa was constantly in the paint. I periodically had to grab her by the scruff of the neck and scrub her off in the sink – you can imagine the flurry of fur and claws that entailed! One time she had a silver nose and blue whiskers. Another time her entire belly was a dusky Victorian rose. Shutting the cats in another room doesn’t work – both in the apartment in NYC and this one, the doors have so many layers of paint on them that they don’t close all the way, and it’s very easy for those little paws to work them open.

The glass painting could have ended in despair. I discovered that the stenciling I planned to do didn’t work. I’m sure it’s great on a flat surface – but on a curved surface of glass, the paint ran and it looked awful. Kindergarteners’ work looks better. I didn’t know what to do – here I had all these glasses and vases I planned to paint for holiday gifts, I had designs specific to each person’s interests and . . .it didn’t work. Yeah, I know, I should have done it in August. But I didn’t think of it then and I’m doing it know.

Then, I thought – Pointillism. That’s a painting technique I enjoy to look at – what if I tried something similar on the glassware? Pointillism not in the sense of the dots will go together to create a designed scene, but using dots of different colours to come up with something more abstract. Maybe it’s more Pollock than Pointillism – but it looks fantastic! So much better than the stencils would have looked if they had worked! Each piece is completely unique – some have very retro colours, some have very vibrant colours, the textures and patterns are all different.

Not only did I enjoy it a great deal, but it looks terrific.

What a relief!

Off to create a marinade for tonight’s beef dinner, have a quick bite of lunch, and then settle in to some more work on Charlotte. I’m also putting together some links I’ve found interesting that others may enjoy, so those will appear over the next few days.

Task for the afternoon – writing
Tasks for Sunday – laundry, wrapping gifts, writing
Tasks for Monday – writing, baking

Somehow, it’s all getting done.



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Hi Devon

you are quite the little chef. I liked the rant about Pointilism.



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