Saturday, December 25, 2004

Saturday, December 25, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold


And may Peace, Joy, and Prosperity be showered upon all.

I managed to get some work done on Tapestry yesterday. Since these episodes deal with Nina on the holidays, I want to finish them off today, while I’m in the midst of the holiday energy. What she’s dealing with contrasts nicely and I want that tense juxtaposition.

Watched one of my favorite movies last night, Christmas in Connecticut. That movie just makes me laugh! And the actors seem like they’re having a blast and doing it quite tongue-in-cheek.

One of my favorite gifts is a fun one – “Moose in a Mug” – a stuffed moose in a Christmas mug. I still collect stuffed animals, and I have mugs from just about everywhere I’ve traveled. So my little stuffed moose sits on the desk, and I’m drinking my coffee out of the red-and-white snowflake mug.

The stockings were great fun. Off to shower and then make the stuffing and put the 20 pound turkey into the oven. We experience lovely, quiet Christmas days –while the turkey cooks, I’ll write and maybe dip into the biography of Mary, Queen of Scots that I received. Reading is always the most important part of our traditional Christmas Day celebrations – because, after all, what’s better than books for Christmas?

Started the handwritten diary again last night – I’d let it lapse since July because of this blog. But I need the dynamic between the two. I’ve kept handwritten journals for over thirty years – I’m not going to stop now because of the blog. After all, the blog is about my writing life, and, while it’s deeply integrated with my life as a whole, there are still things outside of the writing that I need to explore in private space.

The cats love Christmas – all the paper and bows and chaos! I’ll sprinkle some catnip onto their stocking and let them explore their toys.

Off to stuff the turkey.

May you all have a wonderful, beautiful, restful day.



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