Saturday, December 04, 2004

Saturday, December 4, 2004
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and cold

There was something on the news last night about a bomb scare on the Staten Island Ferry; however, only one news station had a quick blurb and I haven’t heard anything else and it’s not in the papers. Hopefully, someone was simply being cautious with an unattended package, and it was all fine.

Got about 1/3 of my holiday cards done for overseas, and that feels good. I have a bunch of addresses to look up, which is always a pain in the . . ., but my own fault for not keeping the rolodex up to date all year. I’ve caught up on a lot of the address updates, but not on everything. That’s going to have to be on my GDR 2005 list – keep the rolodex current and ever-expanding!

Did some work on Clock yesterday, about three pages, and that was fun. I’ve introduced a major character who will be a good foil for Julia, my adult protagonist. The trio of teenagers has no idea what they’re getting into, and the magic is balanced so securely in with the realism that it makes for a good contrast. So often, a piece will start with a solid base in realism and then veer completely into the magical. With this book, I want to keep them in continuous co-existence. It’s a challenge and a good stretch for me.

I’m writing about June in Ayrshire during December in NY – that’s always a challenge. I’m setting out some of my photos from the area that I took in May of 2000, and that helps. I have to find my maps of Ayrshire – there are some little towns around Maybole and Maidens, etc. that have interesting ruins, but I can’t remember what’s where. In one of my books on the Ayrshire coast is a hand-drawn map. Only it doesn’t make any sense to me and is so smudged I can’t read it. So I’ll find my nice, big, bulky maps, spread them out on the living room floor and figure it out. And I had to check the Clan map, because some of the characters in the piece are from clans with historical significance in the area, and I wanted to get it right. Even though the island where most of the piece is set is completely fictional – and the staff of Culzean will get a good laugh when they see where I’ve placed it.

I have to spray some of the red ribbons with bitter apple. I hang ribbons down the side of each doorway, topped with a pine cone or other decoration, and that’s where I hang the holiday cards I receive. Iris, the little brat, has been standing on the backs of chairs, bookcases, etc., and chewing on the ribbons. She pulled one down in the night. I found the ribbon with the cards dragged along the floor.

I’m going to run the holiday post cards today – or, at least some of them. I want to get at least three issues of Angel Hunt done and one (I’d like to do two, but one is realistic) of The Widow’s Chamber, and then get back to the cards. I’m in the swing of it now, and enjoying it. So yes, writing the cards helped pull me, at least partially, out of my funk.

Was at the post office when it opened at eight to send off the overseas packages. I want to finish the overseas cards this weekend, and tackle the cards for US and Canada this week. I think I have to get more cards. I did a lot of different things this year in a lot of different places, and I want to acknowledge the people who helped me.

I listened to Maidens of the Celtic Harp most of yesterday afternoon. I’m not yet sure what I’ll listen to today – it will be something different for Angel Hunt than for Widow’s Chamber. And then, when I do the cards, I’ll put on holiday music! And I’ll light my candles (and hope the jars don’t explode today) and burn some incense and get it all done. I hope, this afternoon, to paint some of the glassware. The sooner it’s painted, the sooner it can dry and the sooner I can pack it and wrap it and have it ready to go.

The more I stare at the word “sooner”, the odder it looks.

Back to the keyboard.



At 2:42 PM, Blogger Lara said...

You know what I found out? My puppy LOVES Bitter Apple! (yes I am so screwed)
Hopefully your cat doesn't! Have a good weekend!


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