Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thursday, December 9, 2004
Day before Dark Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

This is the lowest energy day of the month for me – day before dark moon – but I have to pull it together and get a lot of work done.

I’m just having a typically frustrating Mercury Retrograde. I can’t post at all on one of my writers’ group forums. Since I spend a good deal of time there, it’s very frustrating. It took me 40 minutes and 10 tries to post a single, short message last night, and it dumped several of my other messages. I just don’t have the time for that, nor the patience.

Then, as I was battling with that, suddenly my online screen shifted to the left, leaving a margin of screen saver to the right, and making it impossible to access my “File” and “Edit” commands on the toolbar. Trying to click and drag it right did nothing. I was online with the live tech for over an hour and nothing worked. Out of sheer frustration, I tried the OPPOSITE of what I was instructed – and it worked.

Then, I had to print small-sized photos for my mom to send in her holiday cards – only I kept getting “ink not compatible with paper”. They’re from the same box, and it was special-ordered for this assignment. I checked all the specs on the box, the paper and the cartridge – they’re all the correct ones for the job. I’ll have to e-mail Canon. They’re pretty on top of it. Dell, from whom I ordered it, could not, of course, care less.

Errands this morning took far too much time, but had to get done, because it’s supposed to be stormy and disgusting this afternoon and tomorrow. I figured by being out most of the morning, the leaf-blow crew could get it out of their systems before I started my work.

But, of course, the minute I had my page up to work . . .

It is just going to be one of those days and I have to get over it and get the work done. In the scheme of the universe, none of these frustrations really matter. I have to keep that in perspective. None of this will change anyone’s life permanently, for better or worse, and it won’t be remembered in a week, much less a hundred years.

At least, last night, I managed to get the copy done on the brochure. It needs polishing, and I have to work out the details of the deal with my editor, but hopefully I can start printing it next week and be able to drop the first part of the mailing right after the New Year.

I decided not to pursue an opportunity with a packager. Months ago, I answered an ad. I received an enthusiastic response, saying I sounded exactly like what they were looking for, and would I send samples? I sent the samples.


A few months later, I sent a follow-up. I got an immediate response, saying yes they remembered me, but didn’t know what happened to the samples. Would I re-send them?
I resent them the same day.

I received an enthusiastic response asking how much I’d charge to write an “audition” piece. I did the research, sent them a quote, and told them if they chose to use the audition piece, they could apply the fee to the regular contract.

That was two months ago.

If I follow up again and they say yes, go ahead and write the sample, I have no confidence that they will supply the materials I need for the project (it’s in their created world), and, more importantly, I have no faith that they’d pay me on time if at all. If they can’t stay on top of things in the interview process, why would I be confident about their abilities in the production process?

My gut is to drop it, as much as I want to work with book packagers. I still harbor the fantasy of becoming one of the stable of writers for something like Nancy Drew some day. I discussed it with my freelance group, and they agreed that I should go with my gut. My gut says drop it, it’ll cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Only time will tell if it’s the right decision.

In the meantime, back to The Widow’s Chamber. Thank goodness I researched the history of the engagement ring or I would have made a glaring error.



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