Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and COLD

Still feeling a bit shaky and off. I ate this morning, and we’ll see how that results.

Got some writing done last night on Ransagh. Not much, but also got some work done on the outline – more escapades for my characters. Also made some notes for the short story, which, right now is being referred to by a very creative name: “Untitled”.

When I’m sick, the Creative Voice takes a vacation and the Sarcastic Voice blossoms even further.

Ran some characters and scenarios through my head for possible plays, but nothing really gripped me. Which is probably good, because once the idea hits (and it will hit me like a boxer’s knockout punch), I will have to drop EVERYTHING and write the first draft. With plays, I have to sit and write the first draft all at once (which can be a little difficult when it’s a full-length). If I stop and deal with the mundane world for any length of time, the world of the play vanishes – permanently. I can work on almost anything else in bits and pieces and hold the world (doesn’t that sound like an evil egomaniacal whatever? But hopefully you know what I mean) with me between sessions. I can’t do that with a play.

I should probably ask the man with whom I studied at the Royal National what to do about that. If there’s some technique I can apply – since the techniques I use for the rest of my work don’t work with the plays. Even screenplays I can work on in chunks or scenes and walk away from. But not plays.

I tried to watch Earthsea last night. I really tried. And it lost me in the first three minutes. I kept switching back to it to see if it improved. It didn’t. I fault the casting and the lack of eye to detail. I haven’t read the original books, but the author is someone who knows what she’s doing. Her work tends to have strong socio-political contexts tied in so seamlessly with her storytelling that those themes are not heavy handed. They simply didn’t exist in this. There’s one very good performance – that of the wizard’s best friend – but the rest of it was simply annoying. Again, a tight budget doesn’t have to mean a sorry piece. The tighter the budget, the more important the script and the casting. I’ll forgive any sort of production values if I believe in the characters.

Must get some work done on Charlotte before heading to the city.

Since I’m doing less theatre, my body is pushing me to its ideal schedule – which might be one reason I got sick. For the past few days, I felt that I was fighting my natural body clock. My natural biorhythms are such that I want to sleep from 11 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, and then I can get up and be very productive until 11 the next morning. My health is the best on that schedule and I’m sharpest mentally and physically. I was fortunate to be able to do that at one period of my life, and I’m highly productive on that schedule.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to rearrange my life to do that. And flipping back and forth between schedules makes it worse.

Back to Charlotte. I’ve moved the scene with Charlotte and Woodes so many times they’re getting dizzy.

I should know by tomorrow about the British travel articles. I really want this gig. Let’s hope they believe I’m the right one for the job as much as I do.



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