Saturday, January 01, 2005

Jan. 1 Part II

Worked on Angel Hunt. I’m almost where I need to be on that serial by tomorrow. I introduced Donal, the magical burn-out who will drive the second major story arc after the arc with Kegan is wrapped up. The arc Donal drives will be between this arc and the arc set in Paris – I think I want to write that after the Paris trip so that I can do on-site research. Gaston will play a part in this middle arc, but he and his sister will be driving forces in the Paris arc.

I’m pleased with Lianna’s growth in Angel Hunt. I was worried that she would remain too constant and be the catalyst for everyone else’s growth without growing herself. But she is, and I’m pleased. And she retains her sharp sense of humour. Now that Angel Hunt moved out of the horror genre into the fantasy genre, where it belongs, I can fully explore its potential as a piece of magical realism.

I decided that, after the Paris arc is complete, I will end the serial. That should be enough material for a trilogy with these characters, and it will be time to do something else. That will probably mean one more contract extension – but I’m not sure if it will be six months or nine months. I’ll have to see where I am with everything in September, when the contracts come up again.

I want to keep a serial running under the Cerridwen name, but it’ll be time to move on to something else. I’ll probably retire one of the other serials in September as well.

I did my fire and ice ritual to start the New Year this morning, although not at dawn. I skipped the morning yoga, but will do it later tonight. I definitely need it.

How could I possibly have gotten through this much of my life without reading any of Stephen Greenblatt’s work? Will in the World is an excellent book – even the parts with which I’m not sure I agree. And it makes me eager to read more of his work.

Sad news: family friends had to put their 14 year old golden retriever down. He was very, very sick and just couldn’t go on. He was a lovely animal, and will be deeply missed. I still miss Felicia terribly, and she’s been dead since the end of September. But, after all, she was with me for one third of my life.

I also have to deal with some storm clouds on the family front. I have to accept that what I want from a particular branch of the family – contact and emotional support – is not something they are equipped to give. They live on another continent, we’ve only met a few times, and I’m simply not a part of their daily lives. I don’t think it’s anger or a lack of caring – just a lack of attachment. They’re doing the best they can, and that’s simply the way it is. They used to at least communicate on the holidays, but even that has fallen by the wayside. I’ve done what I can to try to resolve the situation and emotionally twisting in the wind about it doesn’t do any good for anyone.

I can always write a few bad poems about it that no one will ever see, and drop it and move on. :)

I hear a bird crying outside. It sounds as though it’s distressed and in pain. I’m going to go and see if I can find it and if it needs help.

I searched and searched, but couldn’t find the bird. Hopefully, it was simply in a bad mood and not injured.

Re-read what I have of Oath of the Amber Tiger. It’s much, much stronger than I remembered, and I may push it higher on the priority list.

But if I spread myself too thin. . .

Four and a half pages on Ransagh. It’s going better than I’d hoped. The characters are full and complex. They’re refusing to stay inside genre boxes, and I’m breaking the clichés that so annoy me. It’s exactly what I’d hoped and more.

I have to get my hands on a Manx dictionary. Soon. Both Angel Hunt and Ransagh use terms in Manx, and the online dictionaries aren’t filling my needs. I need a dictionary I can hold in my hands and flip through.

I’m tiring now, but I want to get a draft done of the Lindisfarne article before I call it a night. So far, it’s all unformed memories and fond descriptions of places. It needs to be shaped into a coherent, attention-grabbing, inspiring piece.



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