Saturday, January 01, 2005

Jan. 1 Part III

Okay, plug your ears, I’m going to whine now:

Why is non-fiction so hard?

You can take your fingers out of your ears. The fifteen second pity party (all I allow myself) is over.

I’m sitting here staring at a pile of crap about Lindisfarne that doesn’t make any sense. And it doesn’t make any sense that I’m having difficulty writing about a place I love so much.


Okay, so we’ve discovered that free writing does not work for me when it comes to constructing a travel article.

Throw it all out and start from scratch.

In the meantime, I’ve roughed out four of the five outlines for I think I’ll only send the four – the fifth is set against the backdrop of the Triangle Factory Fire – hell, I’ve been trying to write the damn play for five years, why would I think I could transfer the research into another kind of script?

But I have a farcical romance set in the New York of the 1920’s, a time travel that shuttles between modern day and the 1880s, a comedy set in Boston in 1896 at the cooking school where Fannie Farmer taught, and a piece set in the Reconstruction era of the Civil War concerning a spiritualist and a Confederate soldier.

Hopefully, Hereafter will want one of them.

Who am I kidding? I want them to WANT all four.

So I’ll polish them tomorrow and start the Lindisfarne article from scratch. I might ask for a week’s extension on that article. It shouldn’t be so hard! Okay, I’m removing the whining quality from my voice. It’s entirely too annoying.

And I did rough out four outlines, so it’s not a total loss.

I have to write two more episodes of Angel Hunt tomorrow to be where I need to be and then I HAVE to write a bit of Cutthroat Charlotte. Widow’s Chamber week starts Monday and I’m still behind from the last go-round, but I might as well lump all the episodes I have to do for that together and get a flow. Now that I’m actually gotten Nora and her compatriots to New Orleans, it should pick up speed again.

I’m happy with the quality of today’s work, which is, ultimately, more important than the quantity.

You, there, who left the post about the Crouching Bunny helmet at the Met. I would have responded via e-mail, but you didn’t leave me one, so I’m answering you here.

I don’t know – yet – the symbolism of the helmet. According to my notes, I think it’s actually a Crouching Rabbit rather than a Bunny, and it looks rather, um, fierce, in a metal rabbit kind of way.

It’s from the Edo period in Japan, and I’m rather ignorant about that part of history.

Hopefully, when I meet this week’s deadlines I can look it up – or maybe I’ll just e-mail or call the curator at the Met.

So stop by again and maybe I’ll have an answer! :)



At 10:33 AM, Blogger Gienna said...

Hi Devon,

I enjoyed reading your article on and I've been working through the list of questions, publishing some of the answers on my blog, Gienna Writes ( I credited you for the article, although the way the byline was set up I at first mistakenly thought it was written by Anne Wayman. They really should have put your name up top, don't you think? Regardless, I've since corrected that mistake on my blog.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. The questions have really been quite helpful to me.

Also, I've enjoyed reading your blog and am amazed at the amount of work you do. Your list puts mine to shame, I'm afraid.

Keep up the good (and copious!) writing.


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