Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Jan. 5 Part III

I used up the most creatively energetic part of my day on other people’s work. So much for time management.

I did manage to get out a pitch letter for a market sent by a friend. One breakthrough in my work is that, when I hear about a job, I can sit down and compose a pitch instantly. And usually get a positive response requesting samples.

Recommended reading/thought: Diana’s Jan. 4 blog entry – she has the Seeking Clarity blog linked to the right of this page. She suggests coming up with 43 things you want to do in your lifetime. Her list is so interesting – one of her items is to see a Broadway show in New York. As someone who’s spent my entire professional life in theatre, with the last ten years on Broadway, I sometimes forget that there are actually people who’ve never had that amazing experience.

The catch: you can ONLY list 43 things.

How can I possibly limit myself to 43?

It will take me ages to narrow it down!’s newsletter has a mention of the contract extension for my serials – yay, publicity. They should probably know about the stories Emerging Women Writers published, too.

I received payment from KIC for my serials – each month, the subscription list grows. The Business Angel scolds me that I have yet to print, much less drop, the direct mailing for the serials, which should give them another boost. The Creative Angel reminds me that I’ve been busy writing.

Figured out which passages to use from Doris Grumbach’s book. There are also several books she mentions that I want to track down and read.

I’m itching to go to a second hand bookstore. I’m craving to roam shelves, discovering lost treasures.

But first, the bills have to get paid.

I got an offer to review an advance copy of a new book by a self-proclaimed controversial author published by an independent press. It sounds interesting, but the pitch is so impassioned that I’m worried the author will show up on my doorstop himself to demand the type of review he believes he deserves. When I lived in Manhattan, I kept a PO box for business. I should probably do that out here as well – a few towns over.

I found the wandering file and re-edited the article for the KIC mag one more time. I tried to edit as gently as I could, corralling out-of-control commas and calming run-on sentences, while still retaining the author’s unique voice. It’s off now, and I can only hope for the best. Some more material showed up in my inbox that needs to be read and commented on. If I continue to be uncreative in my own writing today, I can at least make good use of my time by catching up on that.

Part of the problem is that the outlines and first scenes for the four scripts have caught fire in my head and now I want to sit down and write them.

But the Business Angel counsels me to wait until I’m on contract, especially since I have other contracted work demanding my time.

I tend to be fuzzy and disoriented anyway in the afternoon. Hopefully, I will get another surge of creative energy tonight.

There’s a pause in the storm. It’s gathering again, preparing another assault. The cats are fretting, and I have the usual pre-storm headache. Perhaps when it starts again, the headache will recede enough to let some creative juices through.

That’s another problem with day work – losing a day of writing on a day spent at the theatre leaves me so drained on so many levels that the next day isn’t very productive, either. Since I’ll be doing 3 days of day work a week in the next three weeks, I have to reconfigure my energy to be productive within the time frames I have to work. Whether I feel like it or not.

Didn’t make much progress on the Lindisfarne article, but maybe if I lie down for a bit and mentally meander around the island, I’ll get inspired.

Otherwise, I’ll just have to rely on technique. :)



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