Thursday, January 06, 2005

Jan. 6 Part II

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Worked on a final update and print out of my 2004 Submission Log, and started my 2005 Submission Log (since I’ve already made some submissions). Also, with some trepidation, set up a financial spread sheet for the writing – separate from the ledger I keep. The sheet will track my desired income against my actual income. Because I wasn’t as on top of things as I should have been in November and December, I already know I will fall short in my January goals, but I just have to push harder in February.

And figure out how to Write to Guideline for a couple of high-paying markets, including one I don’t like, simply in order to meet the financial goal.

I don’t have the luxury of starving for my art anymore. I have bills to pay.

I also think that a solid craftsman can write work that meets paying guidelines with work that is good. One does not necessarily exclude the other. Well, it does in one particular market I’m looking at, but that’s my problem – challenge – whatever you wish to call it. There is one particular market I am determined to break in to solely because it pays well. Either I’ll be able to find a way to do so or I won’t. It’s not a publication I object to ethically or morally – I simply don’t think the content is of particularly high quality. And if I can write to suit them, I will happily cash their check.

An editor from Rose and Thorn who remembered “Tears & Coffee” kindly has requested that I submit something else to them. I’ll have to see what I can do when I clear up some deadlines. I had a very good experience working with them.

By the end of this year, I will have published enough stories over the last three or so years to market a collection. I’m not sure quite how to put together a collection with several bylines on the stories – I might have enough under the Christy Miller name to do one of just those. I don’t think I have enough yet to do a Cerridwen collection, but I should have enough for Ava Dunne as well as Christy Miller. That’s a bit down the pike, but something to think about.

The newer stories sell pretty quickly; the older ones – it’s touch and go. Some of them will be retired, some will be rewritten. I have to look at each individually and objectively – never an easy task. I need to go through the old submission logs story by story, and also through the old disks with material that hasn’t been submitted, to see what needs to be submitted, what needs to be retired, what might be good for reprints – all time-consuming. But a necessary part of the business of writing, as the Business Angel keeps chirping in my ear.

Struggling with Charlotte, but getting through it. If I can just get two episodes done and edited and off today, so I can switch back to Widow’s Chamber Charlotte week starts next Monday and I can lump them all together. But I’m in danger of falling too far behind on Charlotte and want to get two new episodes to my editor today to cover myself.

Anytime the Creative Angel feels like putting in an appearance, I’ll be happy.



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