Saturday, January 08, 2005

Jan. 8 Part II

The day was a juggling act between the Lindisfarne article and the plumbers.

I was about to head out with a wheeled suitcase to walk to the nearest store to buy bottled water and drag it through the flooded streets, when four large, friendly plumbers showed up at the door.

Four of them.

Cats flew in all directions.

“How many plumbers does it take . . “ the joke began to run in my head before I could stop it.

It seems some construction crew screwed up something in the street; hence our problem. They were working on it, and said it would all be better in an hour. They were very nice.

So I went back to working on my article and a few hours later they stopped by again (cats flew in all directions) to make sure things worked. I still can’t take a shower, but I don’t have to be lovely for anyone today, and I will simply deal. I can take a whore’s bath if I want, and I’ll be fine.

Although the water, even boiled, tastes odd and I well may switch to alcohol when the work portion of the day is done.

The downstairs neighbor corralled the poor plumbers and wouldn’t let them out of her grasp.

I have a draft of the article that’s decent, but not passionate enough; I sent it to a friend to see if it makes her want to go visit. I’ll leave it until tomorrow, hunt up the photos to use with it, revise and send it either tomorrow or Monday. Oh, yeah, and found a mistake in the first sentence: “Mystical stone” instead of “mystical tone”. Hey! We’re not doing EXCALIBUR over here!!! Besides, the Lady of the Lake gave Arthur the sword in Cornwall (near Jamaica Inn, actually), which is quite far from the area about which I’m writing.

I haven’t even touched Widow’s Chamber yet.

I’m going to let “Muse” ripen for a good few days before I start reworking it.

My friend Michelle Google’d the word “ransagh” and only the Manx dictionary and my blog came up. That makes me grin.

I have some letters to write, so I think I’ll take a break until after dinner. Hopefully, I can get some work on Widow’s Chamber done tonight. There’s no way I can write fourteen issues by tomorrow without a brain explosion. Or implosion.

The brook is higher, but still hasn’t hit a critical point, so I think the car is safe. Just gotta keep checking every few hours. Hopefully, the rain will stop.

I’d much rather it was snow. All homeowners will hate me for that comment! :)



At 11:01 PM, Blogger Krista said...

Seems if they know what the problem is, they should be able to fix it.

Good luck!


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