Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jan. 2 Part III

I did it. I finished the episodes I needed in order to be caught up on Angel Hunt.

I’m positively gleeful with the plot twists I added to the ends of episode 96 and episode 97. I’m sure no one will see them coming.

Hopefully, I’m not too gleeful. Being a legend in one’s own mind is always paramount to a crash.

Revised episodes 92-97 and got them to the editor. There’s solid work in there. The storyline is accelerating because I’m going to wrap this arc up in the next 20-30 episodes. Everything that seemed like a far-reaching subplot is coming back in to center.

Considering I knew zilch about any of this when I started this particular serial, it’s worked better than I could have dreamed.

The best thing I learned crafting these serials over the past year is to solve the weaknesses I’ve always had with plot. My plots still aren’t as strong as my characters and my dialogue, but they are so much better than they were a year ago. And my ability to spin out subplots and then draw them in has blossomed. It’s a huge breakthrough in my work.

My next Angel Hunt week is the week of January 25 – in other words, this month I have to write two months’ worth of episodes. So does this mean I have to wait until that week to cross item #3 – the month of Angel Hunt episodes off my to-do list for January or can I do it now?

Yeah, right. I have deadlines up the ying yang and I’m worried about a list. Get a grip!!

I think I’ll call it a night (although I might sneak in some work on Ransagh). Tomorrow, Widow’s Chamber week starts, but if I don’t roll out a couple of episodes of Cutthroat Charlotte, I will up a creek sans paddle, cutlass or any other helpful tool.

And I want to do a final polish on the outlines tomorrow, too.

So time to rest the eyes and rest the brain. Tomorrow – we write!

Yeah, cowboy, you can go ahead and ride, but I'll write -- join you on horseback later! :)



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