Thursday, January 06, 2005

Jan. 6 Part III

One good episode of Charlotte written, edited and sent, and one workman-like episode with an interesting plot twist written, edited and sent. My ass is out of the sling until next week.

Two episodes of The Widow’s Chamber edited and sent – gets them in to New Orleans and now we can get cracking again. And after dinner, I will attempt some new material.

Decorations all down and put away. It looks very bare. The cats are exhausted, because, after all, they helped.

The heat seems to have decided it’s not needed – since it’s 37 degrees, and, after all, when it was in the 50s last week, it was blaring on. I wonder if something’s wrong with the boiler. The residual warmth and the heat from cooking dinner should be fine – hopefully it will be working later tonight. They are so good about giving us heat in this building that an incident like this means something went kaplooey, and they’re working on it.

Negotiating to teach a workshop in Massachusetts the first Sunday in February. If it happens, it’ll be fun.

My colleagues are being published by a publication that’s one of my staunchest supporters: Wild Child. They are a class act. They published me every month last year from March-December.

Time for a refueling stop, and then back to work.



At 5:36 PM, Blogger Michele said...

Off Topic:

Pausing for a moment to say hello and to thank you for stopping by yesterday, de-lurking day.
This gives me a glorious chance to visit so many new sites and re-visit some that I have not been to in a while.

Ah, the joy of the blogsphere. Yes, it can be a joy!


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