Monday, January 17, 2005

Jan. 17 Part II

Ten episodes of Tapestry edited and submitted.

Two episodes of Charlotte edited and submitted.

Two more drafts of the second column of “The Literary Athlete” drafted. There’s some good stuff in it, but I’m not completely satisfied. I’ve put it aside and will take another look early in the a.m. before I leave for the theatre.

I’ve only completed four out of 26 items on January’s To-Do list – I better get moving. Several other items are half done, but that’s not the same as being done. Part of it is because I’m spending too much time in the theatre and not enough time on the writing.

Did some more work on “Muse” and submitted it to Maisonneuve. Part of me wonders if it’s really complete within itself or if it’s the germ of something bigger. We’ll see what the mag thinks.

Glimmer Train rejected “E-Squared”. I want to take another look at it before I send it out. I wrote it originally to guidelines for a specific publication, which rejected it because the heroine wasn’t “dependant enough” on the man in the story. Had I rewritten it to that comment, I feel I would have betrayed my character. But I don’t think I reworked enough of the story away from the original guidelines to make it properly submissible elsewhere.

I have a feeling that will have to go on the list for February, although I hate not to immediately resend something that’s returned.

So weary I can barely sit up. I think I’ll take a quick break before trying to tackle some more of Widow’s Chamber. They’re in New Orleans – the next few episodes should be easier.

Printed a stack of photos I needed. Filed some of what was cluttering my desk – I can actually see sections of desktop now. Worked on a couple of proposals.

Time for a rest. There’s more to be done before I can call it a day, but if I’m too tired to function properly, it will be done badly and have to be redone. So I might as well take a break and do it properly the first time once I’m refreshed.



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