Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jan. 26 Part III

Eight pages of Ransagh. “Joe” has become “Jed” and “Perry” has become “Percy.” I tried to make a thematic point with the names “Joe” and “Perry” – even though the characters protested those weren’t really their names. It didn’t work and they simply sulked and faded into the background, which doesn’t work for the story. So they’re “Jed” and “Percy” now and have perked up quite a bit.

Tom is still Tom because that’s who he is. Mila and Jory are quiet right now, but the girls’ storylines will pick up soon. Shawndor is more important than he was supposed to be originally, but that’s okay. He’s a lovely and complex character and I’m glad he showed up to actually participate instead of merely represent an idea.

And Raisa is front and center, much to her dismay.

I’m telling more of the story through Kenelm’s eyes than I planned, but it’s working. (Yes, I know, there was a “Kenelm” in Widow’s Chamber, but he died after only a few episodes and this Kenelm has a great deal to accomplish over the course of the book).

I’d like to type the 75 longhand pages I have (more, actually, because I have several pages of inserts). The problem with that is I’ll start to edit as I go – making the first typed draft the second draft of the piece – and that screws me up. I can’t edit as I go or I get stuck. I have to see a draft all the way through and then go back and edit. But it’s hard to track the multiple storylines by pawing through hand-scrawled pages. I’ve got notes, but . . .

Whatever. I’ll figure it out. The piece is at a delicate stage and I need to let it shape organically instead of forcing it. I can fix it and hone it and clarify it in the progressive drafts. This is not a piece that can be rushed. And it’s a world that continuously beckons enticingly. I can get lost in it for hours, which is the way it should be with writing.

Can I start reading the new book yet? Of course not. There’s more writing to be done.

2 ½ scenes of Glam Hearts. I need to work a heck of a lot faster if I want to have the time to do the revisions I want to do.

I’m still feeling exhausted and fragile from the train situation last night. It pushed some deep emotional buttons that have absolutely nothing to do with the practicalities of the situation.

Working on Issue #100 of Angel Hunt. That’s two of the four serials that have passed the 100-episode mark. Wow. I wanted to get to this point, but, when I started a little over a year ago, I wasn’t sure I could. When I hit issue #104, later this week, I will have written a year’s worth. It’s intense.

I’m standing firm on my career transition. I received a call to interview as star dresser to a famous actress for a revival of a play that will open on Broadway this spring. I turned it down. Yes, she’s a wonderful actress, and it would be a hell of gig to put on my resume. But being a star dresser usually means at least 60 hours a week, plus the commute, which would leave me no time, and, more importantly, no energy to write.

The writing is what I want and that is the goal towards which I need to work, not matter how enticing the offer. I’m too burnt out to do the level of work the job requires and, more importantly, that I require of myself in such a situation. The focus is on the writing, and that is where it will stay. I’ve made a lot of progress in that direction over the last year, and must continue on that path.

Re-reading the above, it looks as though I egotistically assume I’d get the job simply because I was called to interview. From past experience, if I get the interview, I land the job. While it doesn’t always happen with a query letter – YET – it does in my theatre career. That’s why I turned down even the interview. Why set myself up for something that will cause more friction in my soul? I know what I need and want to do. I have to stay true to that purpose.

Shows have come and gone for years and will continue to do so. But this is my life and needs to be lived NOW.



At 2:37 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Good for you! It takes a world of inner strength to know yourself and to stay on your chosen path. d:)


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