Sunday, January 30, 2005

Jan. 30 Part IV

Found the Ida Tarbell bio. It was actually where it was supposed to be, always a pleasant surprise. I had to skim it, because there’s no time to read it cover to cover, but I think I’ve got what I need. Got the magazine research done, and I think they can have some intelligent conversation about current trends.

Using the Bessie Smith CD, the Cassandra Wilson CD, Buddha’s Dream and an Australian CD I like a lot, Vicki Hansen’s Earth Heart.

When I got tired of working on Glam Hearts, I switched back to Ransagh. The village has been destroyed – although I’ll have to go back and add in some detail in the next draft. I want it to be a minor incident (heartless creature that I am, destroying a village, even though its inhabitants were ignorant and rotten!) that sets up something more major several sections from now. Therefore, I don’t want to spend pages on its destruction, although perhaps it deserves more than the two paragraphs currently dedicated to it. I’ve spent more time on the reactions of the people in the group to the destruction than to the actual destruction itself.

I have a feeling that the manuscript will come in over 500 pages. I may have to break the story up.

Well, the whole darned thing has to be written before I figure out how to split it up. For the genre, it should be a trilogy, but I’m not sure how I’ll split up five sections as three books. So for now, it’s one damned long one and I’ll figure out restructuring later.

Also got out this month’s issue of Devon’s Random Newsletter.

I’m re-reading Journal of a Solitude. I always forget how much that book teaches me, no matter how many times I go back to it.

I’ll take a pause to cook dinner and then return to Glam Hearts. I have to figure out a way to work in some of Leonard’s war experiences in – later, when he and Harriet have built up trust in each other. I read some of the first person accounts of the battles and of the poison gas. And, of course, with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, I can’t help being even more affected by the stories.

I’ll keep writing tonight – there’s absolutely nothing I want to watch. Although I could slip in the DVD of Hidalgo, I’m hesitating. I’ve now been warned by seven people that the script will annoy me, and do I really want to go through script annoyance when I’m working on one? I don’t think so. Even if I do fall in love with the horse! I think I’ll wait and watch it when I’m prepared to kick back and just accept it for what it is. And that way, there’s a chance I’ll actually enjoy it.



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