Sunday, January 30, 2005

Jan. 30 Part V

Work progresses well on Glam Hearts. I have the first 12 scenes, about the first fifth of it, in draft.

And now I’ve realized that I’ve got to write the end before I can go back and do the middle. There are to be 60 carefully constructed scenes. Since the denouement is a rather complicated sequence in a masked ball, I need to write it out so I see how many scenes I need for it, and then go back and fill in the middle.

I don’t like working that way, but if I don’t have the ending firmly in place, the middle will have too much elasticity, and I’ll lose that tight, rhythmic banter I need to keep amongst the characters.

Why do we have to reinvent the wheel with every project?

At least this way I don’t get static and locked into a single, solitary way of doing things.

I was afraid William would be too weak a character, but he’s holding his own. Martine hasn’t quite hit her stride yet, but she will. Conrad hasn’t even made an appearance yet, although Harriet’s talked about him.

Picked up a Wed. matinee of Wicked, since I don’t have a class that night. Might as well take the cash.

Tomorrow, Widow’s Chamber week begins and I am sickeningly behind on that. I’m also behind on Cutthroat Charlotte, and completely forgot to pick up a guidebook to Cuba last week.

I’m tired and out of creative energy. I think I’ll call it a night and either read or watch bad TV.



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