Saturday, January 15, 2005

Jan. 15 Part II

The show went very smoothly, in spite of the fact that I’d never worked with one of the actors before. I actually enjoyed myself.

Management is also gaining the awareness that I’m serious when I say “no” to certain things and they better figure out why none of their other swings stay.

I was able to come home after the matinee, eat well, and now I’m turning my attention to the writing. If I can clear a few deadlines from my desk tonight, I can approach the coming week and a few days without constantly feeling like I should be somewhere else.

I actually voiced a date to some of my colleagues: June 1 or September 1 as my day to stop swinging. Once I have the six week break while I’m teaching, I’ll have a better idea of which one I wish to choose. And, if I make my decision in April, that gives the shows plenty of time to train other people.

I’m going to do all I can to enjoy the coming week while still balancing my writing. I don’t want to leave the theatre on an angry note – I want to leave it full of love and appreciation. Which isn’t always easy.

Back to creative work.

By the way, let me emphasize again how great SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME is, if you love to read. Some books we agree on, some we don’t. For instance, we both like Elinor Lipman, but she adores Philip Roth’s work, while I loathe it. And “loathe” is the most diplomatic response I have to his writing.

My back is spasming from the heavy costumes, so I’ll work for a few hours, then take a hot bath in my bath salts specifically developed for this, then work some more. I don’t want to be up all night, but I do want to get a lot done.

I was in the middle of polyurethening a cabinet when I got the call – needless to say, I have to redo it on Monday – but I only have to spot clean one of the cats. They did root through the garbage, take all the folded but not put away laundry out of the basket, and remove the canned goods from the cupboard, but, for them, that’s a pretty light day.

It’s like living with a bunch of two year olds who never get past the Terrible Twos.

Charlotte, here I come!



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