Friday, January 21, 2005

Jan. 21 Part II

So much for a productive writing day.

Traffic to Valhalla was backed up all the way to my town due to road construction. What should have been a twenty minute trip took nearly an hour. But I have my parking permit, my faculty ID, everyone was very kind and happy to welcome me, and it felt right to be there.

Went grocery shopping – they’re huffing and puffing about a major snowstorm tomorrow. Depending upon to whom you talk, it’ll be anywhere from 8 – 18 inches. So I (and everyone else in the region) stocked up on food. Especially cat food, in my case – I can live out of the freezer for a few days, but the cats can’t go hungry! :)

I’ll have to leave in about an hour. I’m so tired I can barely sit up, and trying to march the words across the page simply isn’t happening today. I just want it to be next Wednesday and to be done.

And I want to find out which script I need to start on for Hereafter. I figured out how much I have to do each day in order to also get in a couple of rewrites. Script pages go more quickly than prose, so I think I can do it.

I want a nap, but I’m afraid if I go to sleep, I’ll sleep through the alarm and miss the train in. I’d rather exit gracefully than sabotage myself in that way.

But I’ll try to get some work done on the train tonight.



At 5:11 PM, Blogger Lara said...

I hope you get some sleep soon! We're lucky, we're only getting TEN inches tonight! :-)


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