Monday, January 24, 2005

Jan. 24 Part II

I’m glad I looked at “The Literary Athlete” again before I sent it. I found a whopper of a mistake – tense shifts – and smoothed it out. It’s something the editor would have caught, but it’s part of my job to send off the best, tightest, smoothest piece I can.


Colin’s got some ideas to fix the scanner software problem, so I’ll take a look at that. I want to get the “musts” done before I start screwing with the computer, because if anything goes boom! I don’t want to be screwed.

And since Microsoft is built to self-destruct anyway the day after the warranty runs out . .

Issue #125 of Widow’s Chamber finished, edited, and sent. It’s a quiet pause, following through on an earlier storyline that will be wrapped up towards the end of the entire piece.

Angel Hunt week starts again this week. Let’s hope I can slide easily back into it. I still have to work on Widow’s Chamber and Cutthroat Charlotte this week as well, so I don’t keep falling farther and farther behind.

My producer agreed to the Feb. 21 as the deadline for him to actually see work. I don’t know if he thought I was giving him a false deadline or if he doesn’t realize what the process is to turn out a decent piece of work. But, he knows from talking to two of my other editors that I’m reliable and on time, so hopefully he realizes that I don’t give false deadlines and I have a realistic idea of what it takes to turn out what he needs. Maybe some of his other writers weren’t willing to stand firm or gave him false deadlines, but I’m on the level when it comes to time.

An episode and a half of Angel Hunt drafted. Again, I need to break formula here. In the formula, Lianna’s frustration and tension would drive her to Niall; however, the way she’s grown during the piece, it would be against her character to do so. Therefore, in spite of the genre pushing us there – we’re pushing back. That doesn’t mean she won’t turn to him at some point in all this, but NOW is not the right time. It would fall into the realm of “stupid, typical, clichéd mistake” and that would hurt the overall story.

I promised an actress friend I’d run her a copy of Women With an Edge. As I read back through it, I realized that, although many of the monologues are strong, many are not. I ran my friend the strongest of them. I may have to redo my play submission sheet – I think it may be time to retire Edge. Some of the pieces are so much of their time that they don’t hold up anymore. Some of them are timeless and they can continue to trot around, but I’m not sure it holds together enough as an evening of theatre.

Managed to catch some misdirected anger before I did any damage. I’m working on my flaws. I’ve got a good long way to go, but I’m working on them.

I dread going in to the show tomorrow. Just dread it.

A quick lunch and then it’s time to tackle Glamourous Hearts.



At 7:39 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

"Managed to catch some misdirected anger before I did any damage. I’m working on my flaws. I’ve got a good long way to go, but I’m working on them."

I'm working on the misdirected anger, as well. I have been reading "Positive Energy", and becoming more aware of the energies that we're surrounded with. I'm working on not taking people's energies into myself. Lord knows there's enough anger floating around these days. I don't want to participate in it, so I work very hard not to.

"I found a whopper of a mistake . . ." I can relate to this. I think perhaps the weakest link in my own writing is proofreading. I tend to rush. I had a professor who reminded us to write, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite!


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