Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jan. 26 Part II

I’m having trouble getting going. I’m exhausted, irritable and not feeling well.

I want to start the next Michael Jecks book, The Merchant’s Partner. However, I’ve decided that it will be my reward for getting something done today.

I’m using some Scottish Gaelic terms in Ransagh now. I worried a bit about it, because the term “ransagh” is Manx, and I thought I should stay with one language, even though the piece isn’t set in Britain or Cornwall or anything like that. But I need to come up with specific names for special items vital to the plot, and there’s no word in the English we currently speak that hits the exact shade of meaning I want. It’s like the correct character name – when you hit just the right word, it resonates inside.

Anyway, my travelers are in the North now and I needed to name some objects. I picked up the Scottish Gaelic dictionary and found what I wanted. I thought, well, this is what I want and it’s right. I can either switch all my terminology to Scottish Gaelic now, or I can make each place on their journey tie in to a specific language.

Probably I should have used Icelandic or Nordic for the North, but I’m using Scottish Gaelic. Maybe I’ll use Old Norse for the East. Not sure what yet to use for the South – was there a Breton language? I’ll have to check. The West will be Welsh. And the Center will be Manx.

Guess I’ll be investing in some more dictionaries over the next few months.

This way, the terminology is specific to the region and it’s not just random words tossed out because they sound cool in the context. The meaning of each name is made very clear without a ton of exposition. I’m trying to take what I’ve learned from strong description done by my favorite authors and apply it (as opposed to copy it) in my own work.

But if I don’t get down to it and actually do some of my own darned work, I’ll lose the day and I can’t afford that.

I need to do a system reinstall and I just don’t have the sharpness to do it today. I need to make sure I’m rested and have coping skills in place before I attempt it.

Today I need to work on Angel Hunt, Glam Hearts, Ransagh,The Widow's Chamber, Cutthroat Charlotte, and rewrite the Lindisfarne article. And the morning’s already gone. I’m just in a daze.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Lara said...

I'd be in a daze if I had all that on my plate too! I don't know how you do it all. Wait, maybe I do!
You are Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman sans the red cape and the bullet-repelling bracelets...

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Victoria Swanson said...

With such a tight schedule, your output is astonishing. Sounds like you made the right call by not interviewing for the star dresser position. Just a quick note on the Scottish-Gaelic - you mentioned that you might need to buy more language dictionaries so I wanted to point you to

You can get FREE downloadable dictionaries in a mulititude of languages. You can also search using the english word and it will give you the translation per dictionary. I have about eleven of the dictionaries downloaded in my computer. Invaluable to me for language building, as I am developing a unique language for one of my book-length wips.

Check it out if you haven't - it might save you some time ;)


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