Friday, January 28, 2005

Jan. 28 Part II

Thank you to Diana and Debra for your encouraging comments. I desperately needed them. This Being-True-To-Yourself gig forced by the Saturn Retrograde is hard sometimes! :)

If you want to read Virginia Woolf’s diaries – The Writer’s Diary is the one-volume version that Leonard put together. What I like to do is to read the full set of diaries while I’m reading the novels in order – they feed each other. Just a thought!

I had trouble getting going, but managed to get the train, get the check, do the banking, pay the bills, get some lunch and get to work on time.

My horrid downstairs neighbor moved out. As I passed her on the way to the train, I said, “I want to wish you well for the future.”

She glared at me and said, “No one around here works. When I worked for a living, I had to be there at 8:30!”

Let’s just say I’m not sorry to see her go. The cats are so much more relaxed without her negative energy emanating up through my floorboards and her loud television! They’re little Serenity Felines.

Day work was fine. Lots more stitching than usual –we even had an extra stitcher in the room today. And we still barely got it all done.

Ran up to the Verizon store on 57th and 6th to pay the phone bill, then back over to the Borders at Time Warner. I couldn’t figure out where they’d put ragtime music, and therefore, didn’t find any. However, I did find a Bessie Smith collection that I can’t wait to play while I work on Glam Hearts tomorrow. I also picked up a CD of Celtic Harp Music (I love both Celtic Music and Harp music) and something called Buddha’s Dream: Music for Meditation, which I hope is good. Maybe I’ll find a ragtime CD over the weekend. I haven’t bought any music in ages, so it’s time.

My tarot client met me at the Time Warner Center. We grabbed a cab through the Park (it’s so pretty in the snow!) to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He’d never met Hatshepsut, and I can’t go to the museum without paying her a call, so that was one of our stops. I lose so many tensions of the day in her room, and she helps me see things within the perspective of thousands of years.

We did the reading at the Temple of Dendur, and it was intense. The place was nearly deserted, and no one bothered us. If anything, the security guards kept us protected. We were on a low wall near the reflecting pool, within a shaft of light. It was perfect.

Afterwards, we nipped down to the Wild exhibit, down in the Costume Institute, which was, well wild. I especially like the costumes with peacock feathers. Of course, the absolute best were the authentic Sioux beaded pieces, not the haute couture pieces inspired by The Real Thing.

There was a guy at the Temple of Dendur and in the Wild exhibit and later at the bookstore. Handsome, dark-haired, blue-eyed, lean and muscular at the same time. He looked so much like a character in one of my pieces that I figured I imagined him (except I don’t put anybody in a white fisherman’s sweater in NY). Anyway, even when he bumped into me in the bookstore, I figured he was a figment of my imagination or I was projecting or just using him as inspiration for a story – until I got home and found his card in my jacket pocket (so that’s what he was doing, bumping in to me at the bookstore. And I thought he spent an awfully long time circling around the Temple of Dendur – about five times)! Hmmm. Hmmm.

My client and I grabbed a cab to the train station in Harlem and then headed to our respective homes.

It was a good day, but a bit of a roller coaster (more details in a few days, when I’ve had time to sort them out). I was tempted to do some serious drinking when I got home. Not a couple of glasses of wine, but serious drinking, like in my twenties, when I could down a whole bottle of scotch without thinking twice. But I can’t do that anymore, and it really wouldn’t serve any purpose except to make me lose another writing day (tomorrow) to a hangover, so I didn’t.

The encouraging comments from my friends warm my soul, and the card slipped into my pocket by a handsome man warms my ego.

In Angel Hunt, Lianna has to deal with the Demon of Gaul. I’m dealing with the Demon of Doubt. I’d like to make a trade. The Demon of Gaul is easier to vanquish.



At 11:20 PM, Blogger Lara said...

So....Devon...are you going to at least call him to find out what he wants?

At 4:07 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

I second that! It's only a phone call...d:)


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